Farline is a Pathfinder D&D campaign setting created by Kavin M. Nataraja in 2009. It’s first campaign is currently under way and construction is on the fly but the universe is molding together. This wiki for the setting will provide information and details on some of the features of Farline as well as chronicling the adventures of Cliff Edge and Co. in Farline.


7/7/11: Reorganized the wiki, filled in missing articles.

6/2/10: Created/Edited pages for the Gods of Farline.

5/31/10: Finished the adventure log. Working on Farline’s timeline as well as the new continental region, the Mistland.

5/10/10: The Campaign has officially ended. This wiki will be used to update setting information for Farline circa A.S. 842. Check out New Farline for info on Farline circa A.S. 1056 a.k.a “Golden Age”

3/16/10: Added Dragonhold and the Knights of Dragonhold

3/15/10: Added more stuff in general. More god info. Updated Adventure Log.

2/17/10: Added more NPCs.

2/10/10: Added more Knights of Peros information.

2/5/10: Finished Warden Page. Restructuring.

1/29/10: Large updates to Wiki and Adventure Log

1/22/10: Updates to Characters, Party, Adventure Log and the Wiki underway.

1/15/10: Farline Wiki started


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