Epilogue. 12 Years Later

The Lords of Dragonhold first meet circa A.S. 842

The Second Burning of Draksylvania occurs in A.S. 844

12 years pass…

Shogun Chuugo of Northern Hosean is hailed by his people as a fair and noble ruler who rebuilds the wavering country up again. To unify the people, Chuugo’s ministers begin spreading word among the people of a new name for their country. The Shogunate of Chuusei becomes the new name of Hosean’s northern region. In the history books Chuugo is seen as an immortal warrior and in the north he is praised as the mandated Divine Emperor, though Chuugo’s peers to the south refused to accept that. Chuugo unlike his predecessors did not push war. His mere legend prevented any major military conflicts during his time as shogun.

Davy the ever mysterious druid disappeared into the woods in the northern Rondo countryside. In the future, druidic circles would hail the work of Davy who fostered a civilization comprised of sentient bears and elves. To the non-druidic world though Davy became a mysterious and enigmatic figure. Even in the history books plotting the rise of Dragonhold, Davy is a figure who darts in an out. His research of sentience and intelligent animal magic though has formed a large following of druids who are said to live with him in his woodland fortress.

Cliff Edge is hailed throughout the Gateways and the Titan’s Run equally by grand lords and the poor people as a hero and god of entertainers. Cliff Edge grows his legend during his lifetime and uses his magic and resources as an Artificer Lord to continue his research of the construction of artificial beings as well as his research of extraplanar dimensions. Cliff Edge mysteriously disappears from the history books sometime during the 900’s. Soon after he is elevated to the status of gods by bards and entertainers.

Brakov with his fully awakened dragon blood is promised a long life. He sees the passing of many of his friends and relatives but steels himself and spends his time growing the power of New Draksylvania. Avoiding building in the east on actual Draksylvanian land in the shadow of the volatile Dragonspine, Brakov instead capitalizes on what the Draksylvanians had achieved in Rondo and takes over the country. He spends his life as a warlord with many women and indulging himself in power, only to succumb in his later years to the vile willed hands of his many children.

Scree spends the next twelve years as if he were suffering from a debilitating terminal illness. Clerics of the highest order are summoned by his power as Lord of Dragonhold, but no cleric can identify the curse or illness and no potion or spell will cure the noble goblin. Scree spends his lifetime seeing to the unification of Dragonhold and the expansion of the keep into a full country. With multiple cities and ethnicities thriving in his kingdom the Lord of Dragonhold commissions a tomb for himself. Etching the long hallway before his tomb with the story of the Lords of Dragonhold, Scree pours his life out onto the walls. He then lies on his deathbed with his elven wife beside him and his children as well as his right hand man Guunjo. Scree creates a council to watch over the finances and government of Dragonhold to be headed by relevant representatives.

In A.S. 856 the Lords of Dragonhold convene to watch an old friend die.

Scree’s final moments are spent with his friends the party members. As he is wheeled away and sealed in his tomb the party barely make out his last words. A slow rasping…

So ends the tale of the Lords of Dragonhold.

The Story so Far...Pt.10

Chapter 12. The Second Burning

The party hear that the Knights of Peros have called a crusade upon Draksylvania believing that dragon activity, at an all-time high in the region, may lead to a repeat of The Burning incident that occurred centuries ago. With the Knights of Peros, the Wardens and some of Krade’s men backing them, the party attack and liberate Happiness. Happiness which had been converted into a military camp was deserted after the battle. The party discover though Montios’s body inside of his house, the one house that hadn’t been torn down. After paying respects to the deceased cleric, who had provided them with so much insight and guidance, the party continued on to Castle Rondo.

Though heavily fortified by the Draksylvanians, the party members used the Gredixian tower and collapsed the structure on top of Castle Rondo punching a way into the city. While the Knights and Wardens fought in the city, the party infiltrated the castle and faced Nishkov and his black dragon mount. To the party’s surprise Nishkov himself was a black dragon, and revealed that he was one of the 5 black dragon brothers, Night Terror. The youngest of the 5 siblings, he told the party of Rasper’s plan to revive his mighty eldest brother Deathgaze. Deathgaze, who had led The Burning centuries ago had been imprisoned in Mount Alexandros, by the red dragon of the same name. Alexandros, the Traitor King had sacrificed himself to defeat Deathgaze and in the process had created one of the largest semi-active volcanoes in the Dragonspine range.

The party defeat Night Terror and rout the Draksylvanian forces in the city. Taking it for their own, the party investigate the jails where they find Brakov’s sister and his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth is not pregnant, her baby and Brakov’s fourthborn forcibly extracted from her. Elizabeth relates a horrific tale of how Anth, Rasper’s second in command, removed the child and promised to raise him in the way of the cultists and had then left Elizabeth to die. Apologizing to Brakov for being so angry with him to trust the cultists of her own life, she expires in his arms after one last kiss.

Brakov’s sister tells Brakov that Rasper is planning on sacrificing his firstborn son to Mount Alexandros. She tells him that after Brakov’s father sent him away from Draksylvania, Nishkov working with Rasper took over Draksylvania. Taking orders from Rasper, Nishkov executed all of the men in Brakov’s family by sacrifice to the volcano. Rasper had been attempting to awaken Deathgaze through sacrificing the firstborn child of the living generation. But he had failed to sacrifice Brakov and after Brakov had a child, he had to sacrifice the first born. Esteban was in danger. The world was in danger.

The party rushed off to Draksylvania. They arrived in the city and proceeded to attack it with the tower as well as their army. Drawn to the mountain paths though, the party went deep down the paths, following a line of peasants and cultists who beckoned them to the final showdown.

The party find Rasper at the foot of Mt. Alexandros, at a sacrifical alter in front of a chasm of lava. Rasper congratulates the party on getting this far and reveals himself to be Montios. Weston who is with the party goes into shock at the realization, reliving old memories of their adventure together. Montios retells a tale of how he, Weston and Moaiff were once an adventuring party and how they had once fought a group of demons. Montios had been dragged away into the Abyss at the end of the battle. Weston had abandoned the prospects of saving him but the woman he loved who was also adventuring with them at the time, created a portal and jumped in to save Montios. She didn’t make it back in the attempt but Montios did, a fact Weston could never come to terms with. It was after this event that Montios changed his specialization to extraplanar dimensions and travel.

Unfazed by the revelation, Moaiff encourages the party to strike down the corrupted cleric stating that he is not Montios anymore but something else. Rasper reveals Esteban Gonzalez on the sacrificial alter, then uses a powerful Mass Hold Person to prevent the party from moving. The party watch in helpless terror as Rasper holds up a sacrificial knife and proceeds to recite a ritual prayer. He then invites Scree to come up and finish the ritual, plunging the knife into Esteban and hurling the child’s corpse into the volcanic lava.

To the party’s amazement Scree easily walks up the altar. Rasper then reveals to the party that he has been helping Scree since after the Draksylvanian invasion of Rondo. While staying the Wildlands, Scree had met with Rasper and the cultists. It was Rasper who guided Scree to meet up with the party and ultimately led the party to the Titan’s Run. It was also Scree who had told Rasper of Esteban’s existence and of Brakov’s half-dragon lineage. Rasper hands the sacrificial knife to Scree and Scree prepares to plunge it into Esteban.

But instead he stabs the blade into Rasper, using all of his rogue talents to unleash a devastating sneak attack. Rasper falls back off the precipice of the sacrificial site into the lava. The party feel movement return to their bodies. Brakov quickly rescues Esteban and Cliff Edge stores the child in Mecha Dragona’s compartment. The party try to leave but feel a wall of force preventing them. Then from the lava rises Rasper, transformed into a nightmarish creature.

The party proceed to fight Rasper and soon find that using any magic against him leads to it being reversed on the party. Rasper unleashes the miasma on the party again and again in the form of a poisonous liquid that turns into a curse. The party manage to hack off Rasper’s limbs hanging onto the sacrifical alter and send him scrambling down the chasm into the lava. Rasper though uses his body, which is fixated in the very cliff of the sacrificial site, to capture Moaiff and Weston and pulls them under the cliff out of site.

The party take a quick reprieve before Rasper returns in the form of an ominously hovering cleric. Covered in a black shell of miasma, the party also find Moaiff and Weston facing them. The party then fight Moaiff and Weston and manage to break them out of the shells of miasma. They also defeat Rasper incarnated as Montios and drive him under the ground again.

Rasper then shows his final incarnation, a smaller version of his first form but replacing his head with a giant gaping vortex of a mouth. In this fight Rasper kills Bearington the II and heavily wounds the party. Rasper manages to pin Davy the druid under one hand, but Cliff Edge uses a lightning bolt to free Davy only to have Rasper turn it back on him. Cliff Edge falls to the ground unconcious, but because of a magical failsafe he made, is immediately transported to the plane of heaven.

The party believing Cliff Edge dead, batter the monstrosity in front of them slicing off Rasper’s arms. Rasper then falls. From his chest explodes thousands of tiny scrawny blackened arms, attempting to save its body from the burning lava. Only one pair manages to cling to the edge. Rasper falls into the lava and is consumed and only a weak Montios clings to the edge of the cliffside, begging for help.

The party strike down Montios. His last words as he falls though are directed at Scree. “You who have betrayed me, I curse you! Take this gift!”

The party watch as Montios’s body is consumed by the lava. Suddenly Mt. Alexandros begins to rumble and shake. Its summit explodes and purging lava runs down its sides. The party escape quickly. Cliff Edge, who had been greeted warmly in heaven by celestial adorers and fans, returns to the party well and alive.

Together they watch as Draksylvania is once again purged by lava as it had been centuries ago during The Burning. The Gredixian tower slowly melts away along with Castle Draksylvania and the other buildings of the city. The population flees westward to Castle Rondo and there, Brakov states that he is king of what is now New Draksylvania.

The party then take a rest. Their battle finished. The world saved.

The Story so Far...Pt.9

Chapter 11. Turning the Labyrinth Engine

The party rallies its forces of Perotian knights, Wardens, Dragonhold knights and some of the Savellan army who volunteer to fight. With the Gredixian Tower, the party loads their army into the tower and proceed to set sail into the Sardonian strait determined to reach Rajmesa and then Rondo and finally Draksylvania.

Halfway to Rajmesa though the Gredixian tower stops moving. Cliff Edge and party investigate. They find out that the Labyrinth Engine which fuels the tower requires innocent “good” souls to run. The party then learn that the Labyrinth Engine is a portal to the Abyss where powerful evil demons lurk. A mighty balor signed a pact with Gredix, to feed on the innocent souls and cough up fiendish creatures in exchange.

The party use an eccentric fishing method to pull the balor out from the Abyss, unknowingly unleashing his demonic army upon the world. The party find themselves outmatched by the powerful demon but quickly come up with a plan. They decide to have a competition with the balor. If the party wins, the balor must return to the Abyss as well as hand over his demonic sword to Chuugo. If the party loses, the balor and his armies will crush Farline under their heel, and the balor will stuff Chuugo like a friendly farmer and an uncooperating goat. Cliff Edge challenges the balor to a dance off.

The demon puts on a majestic performance that blows the roof off of the Gredixian tower and sets it on fire. Cliff Edge though dances so gracefully that the very heavens take note. The judges, comprising of Weston, a nalfeshnee, and the Labyrinth Engine’s personification decide that Cliff Edge wins.

The balor seems to give up honorably but tricks the party member and proceeds to attack them. The party begin to fight the demonic horde when suddenly the skies part and a solar angel alights with an entourage of archons trailing him. The solar angel, attracted by Cliff Edge’s dance proceeds to banish the balor for one hundred years while his archons drive back the demons. The solar angel then tells Cliff Edge the planar location of heaven and lets him know that he’s actually quite popular there. He then floats away…

The Labyrinth Engine, now fueled by a neutral electrical force, continues its route to Rajmesa. The party arrives at the Grand Prison and are greeted by Moaiff who informs them that his soldiers are willing to help the party. After picking up the Warden army, the Gredixian fortress begins its final march towards Castle Rondo, and Draksylvania.

The Story so Far...pt.8

Chapter 10. March on Gredixia

The dragons of Dragonhold, Indra, Zephyr and Dragona preserve Antonius’s corpse in a giant diamond set in to the ground outside of Dragonhold keep. It is said at night that Antonius’s ghostly figure can still be seen walking his resting place.

The barons of Savel proceed to sign a peace treaty recreating the old kingdom of Savel in the presence of the Lords of Dragonhold. The baron of Debrac then gifts the Eye of the Future to Brakov and immediately after is killed by a falling boulder. Brakov unifies the Eye of the Future with his spear completing the Spear of Ezojumi. The Savellan army chooses to hold back their march on Gredixia until after the planned Spring Festival. The party proceeds to fund the rebuilding and fixing of the keep as well as the celebratory funds for the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival is a time of merriment, a turn around from the tense events of the war. During the Spring Festival, Knight Captain Mathias proposes to Corn. Corn accepts the engagement to which Krade warns that upon his death, Mathias will have to take up the title of Baron Vakni.

Also during the Spring Festival, Krade confronts Brakov about Shelly, the maid he had given a child to during his stay in Vakni. Krade demands that Brakov take responsibility as the father. Brakov then reveals his own pseudo-marriage to Elizabeth. After a heated discussion between Krade and the rest of the party, Brakov decides to confess to his wife about his adulterous relationship. At the same time the nymph Brakov had impregnated in Larethion’s Woods returns to Dragonhold toting Brakov’s newborn half-fey baby. When Brakov confesses his adulterous behavior to Elizabeth and Shelly they both proceed to fight each other. As the party manages to calm them both down, Chuugo reveals to both of them Brakov’s relation with the nymph fully throwing the situation out the window.

Shelly stomps out and Krade offers to provide her a home and raise the child. Brakov accepts and pays Krade to do so. Elizabeth meanwhile locks herself up in her room and refuses to speak to Brakov. Cliff Edge adopts the half-fey daughter as his own and Corn personally grows to like her. Weston offers to teach Corn how to use her sorcerer powers through lessons in magic.

Brakov hosts a knight’s tournament to try and recruit new soldiers for the Knights of Dragonhold. During the tournament Elizabeth mysteriously disappears along with Brakov’s first born son. Brakov is approached by a cultist during the tournament and the cultist tells him that they have kidnapped Elizabeth and his first born. The cultist, Anth who the party had met two years before in the goblin caves, invites Brakov to try and stop them from realizing their ultimate plan in Draksylvania. Brakov questions what their plans are but Anth disappears.

The Savellan Army then begin their march upon the Gredixian empire, reinforced by the Knights of Peros who have sent a march against the Gredixians. The Wardens meanwhile undertake an expedition into the Underworld to combat a growing threat underground.

The party joins the Savellan army in destroying the Gredixians and in discovering what the enigmatic Labyrinth Engine truly is. After a few day’s march the army reaches the Gredixian Empire’s clifftop fortress. While the main part of the army distracts the forces of Gredix, Krade instructs the heroes to assault the main tower and kill the Gredixian emperor who is sure to be holed up within.

The party scouts the Gredixian city before proceeding inside the tower. After some exploration they find the Emperor of Gredix, a black minotaur in full golden plate armor. Wielding a great axe in either hand the Emperor is a formidable opponent in melee. The party fights his guards while striking him with powerful ranged magic. The Emperor though uses the power of the miasma to kill his own soldiers and power himself. The party finally manages to kill the Gredixian Emperor using a wall of fire and other magical methods. Upon inspection they find that he was heavily strengthened by miasma, a new strain that causes a curse upon those who are afflicted by it.

The party then proceed to help the army fighting the Gredixians on the ground and clean up quickly. The army then loots the fortress and Cliff Edge manages to find a secret door behind the Emperor’s throne leading to a strange control panel room. He finds a sword made of gold within which he takes. Upstairs the party finds the Labyrinth Engine shaped like a giant cube with a glowing circular entrance. The party also find a spirit like entity that claims it is the personification of the Labyrinth engine. Cliff Edge uses the sword and the control panel room to activate the Gredixian Fortress. The Gredixian Fortress turns into a giant tower on spider legs that proceeds to make its way across the Suntouched Plains towards Dragonhold.

The party decide to use the tower to transport their army to Draksylvania and to use the Gredixian weapon against the cultists in the final battle before destroying it.

The Story so Far...Pt.7

Chapter 9. The Siege of Dragonhold

The first week of Spring, the elves of Larethion arrive and bolster the keep’s meager forces. A few days into Spring the ground begins to rumble and the guards on the wall report a massive horde moving towards Dragonhold.

The party and the elite cadre of units at their disposal leave the keep and take up front line positions in the field. Before the battle, a cultist steps forward and provides the party with an ultimatum. “Throw down your weapons and surrender. We will take your strongest and let them live on in a Gredixian body. The rest will be killed or enslaved.” The cultist is answered with a deadly fireball roasting him to a crisp and causing the Gredixian lines to begin their advance. The party uses catapults and ranged weaponry to pummel the approaching horde, made up of Minotaurs, Gnolls, Goblins, Harpies and rock throwing Giants! The giants destroy the catapults using their extended range and the horde charges the party who retreat behind the walls. To cover their escape, Davy summons a wall of fire which proceeds to exterminate the goblin forces of the army.

The forces of Dragonhold then proceed to unleash ballista fire into the enemy army. The Dragonholders looked like they had the advantage. The battering ram teams led by the Gredixians couldn’t get close enough to the gate to destroy it. The giants were taking their time in destroying the ballista and killing almost everyone stationed on the walls, but by that time the horde would have been fully thinned out.

Suddenly a roar from the sky turns everyone’s faces upwards. What remained of the once majestic ancient blue dragon Antonius flew over the keep’s walls and blasted the ballista on the wall with a destructive lightning bolt. Antonius’s corpse had been ressurected through a dark ritual to Nozlordu employed by the cultists, and his now fiend possessed body ravaged the walls of the keep. Demoralized, the Dragonhold defenders on the wall fled and the Gredixian battering team and wall climbers proceeded to begin penetrating the walls of Dragonhold.

The party then fall to their strategy of a mix of defense and assault. The civilians are ordered to evacuate and Alexi Moonlock begins leading them through the mines. The Wardens form their trademark shield wall in front of the keep’s gate. The Knights of Peros conclude their battle prayers and an elite unit of cavalry prepare a charge. The party meanwhile mobilize. Brakov mounts Dragona and takes to the sky to face Antonius. He is accompanied by Chuugo riding Ardee and Mecha Dragona, sent by Cliff Edge.

Once in the air, Chuugo is ambushed by a vengeful Cassius. The flying Gredixian accompanied by two other elite airborne attack Chuugo mercilessly. Dragona and Brakov meanwhile face off against Antonius while Mecha Dragona is harassed by two other flying Minotaurs. On the ground the Gredixians manage to break through the first gate only to find themselves in front of the second gate. The keep was constructed so even if the enemy penetrated the gate, they would find themselves in front of a second gate at the end of a “death trench” surrounded by walls. (Inspired by old Babylonian defenses)

Antonius takes the time to swoop down and provide a shattering bolt of lightning that decimates the second gate, but finds himself too preoccupied with the air battle to provide further support. The Gredixians cheer their champion on and charge the Warden’s line of shields. The Warden’s respond by holding their ground and pelting the charging line with destructive fireballs and burning hands devastating those stuck in the death trench. When the Gredixians clash with the Warden shields the Knights of Peros charge their flanks smashing deep into the horde and causing mass chaos as planned.

In the air, Chuugo and Cassius trade blows. Ultimately it seems Cassius will win out when Chuugo critically hits Cassius killing him instantly in the air. Cassius’ torn body falls to the ground and is consumed by the battle beneath. Demoralized, the flying Gredixians retreat and Brakov is able to land the finishing blow on Antonius reducing the dragon to dust. Antonius’ great form crashes into the ground smothering a portion of the horde and rallying the forces of Dragonhold.

The battle continues and Scree faces off against the leader of the rock giants. He is bewildered to find that the leader is actually Jarl Wolfsbane, deformed and mutated because of an unwilling run through the Labyrinth Engine. Scree fights the turned frost giant and manages to kill him. He then retreats to the inner keep only to find the citizenry of Dragonhold huddled and lost. Scree learns that his plan to take the people through the mines has failed. Alexi Moonlock led the people into the mines only to find it filled with enemy forces led by a mind flayer. Alexi covered the escape of the people and sealed the mine behind her, deigning to face down the enemy unit herself.

Despite the deaths of Cassius, Antonius and Jarl the Gredixian army is bolstered by its numbers and the battle eventually turns to support the Gredixians. Cliff Edge retreats to the keep in desperate search of Corn. He plans to escape with his adopted daughter but he cannot find her anywhere in the keep. Cliff Edge is pointed to his tower by a guard and he quickly makes his way there.

Meanwhile, Chuugo and Brakov heavily wounded return to the keep for a status report. There they find that the Wolfhound Knights who were positioned on top of the keep’s walls were heavily injured by Antonius. Brakov learns that his Dragonhold Knights have also taken casualties. He learns that Corporal Johnathan Ross died in battle rescuing his son who had been captured by the Gredixians while providing medical care to the wounded. Corporal Goat Shepard was killed in combat by a minotaur after a rigorous duel. Sergeant Vleshnar lost an eye to a harpy arrow, despite this though the Sergeant continued fighting after taking minutes to adjust his aim. Lieutenant Grimes suffered a heavy wound that crippled his leg after a rock giant he slew fell on him.

The Gredixian army breaks into the inner keep and push the defenders back farther and farther. Brakov continues the fight in the midst of the horde cutting a swath of corpses about him. Meanwhile, Cliff Edge climbs through his tower and reaches the top to find to his horror, Corn held captive by Fhelen. a knife to the girl’s throat, Fhelen gloats over Cliff Edge. His body deformed into a rare male harpy, Fhelen demands Cliff Edge take his own life to save Corn. Cliff Edge responds by using his bardic magic to trick Fhelen into releasing Corn and flying in to the middle of the battle on the ground forgetting all about Cliff Edge. Cliff Edge embraces Corn who suddenly in his arms, morphs into a succubus, the same one that took Minoki’s form. The succubus attempts to take Cliff Edge’s mind but he escapes. Cornered though between the succubus and her shadow minions, Cliff Edge finds himself in trouble.

Suddenly Cliff Edge’s bag of holding begins rustling and shaking. Throwing it open Cliff Edge pulls from the bag Weston. Staff in hand Weston whisks the Succubus away to a different plane and proceeds to lightning bolt the shadows into nothing. Cliff Edge fills Weston in on the situation before somersaulting off the top of his tower. Weston proceeds to rain fire from the top of the tower down upon the Gredixian army. Meanwhile, Cliff Edge finds Corn standing on a rooftop in Dragonhold using her newly discovered magical power to harass the enemy.

The Dragonholders seem beaten as the Gredixians are mere footsteps away from taking the keep. The Dragonhold defenders have formed a final defensive line to try and stop the Gredixian charge. Suddenly in the distance a horn blows.

The combined forces of the Baronies marches towards Dragonhold. Five banners are raised above the heads of the soldiers one for each of the Baronies and the largest, a banner of the old kingdom of Savel when the Baronies was united. The Barony army slams into the back of the Gredixian army pulling the horde back. Suddenly a roar from the sky catches everyone’s attention. Two dragons, one a mighty green and another an adult white blast the Gredixian army. Indra had returned along with another dragon and together the two proceed to rout the Gredixian army. The reinforcements of the baronies and the dragons end the battle scattering the remaining Gredixian forces.

Indra decrees that she is the new herald of Larethion, having consumed her mother, and introduces the white dragon as Zephyr who calls himself the Wind of the North. Krade approaches the party and apologizes for taking so long. He had taken the time to unite the Baronies so he could provide full military support. He then states that he plans to march onwards with the Barony army to Gredixia to finish off the Gredixians once and for all. The party thank the Baronies for their support and sit back glad that they survived the siege.

The Story so Far...Pt. 6

Chapter 8. Demons from the Past

The party then set out for Hosien, flying over the mountains and landing in the capital. The party are almost immediately apprehended by the Shogun’s guards and escorted to the palace. Left in a room alone with the Shogun the party prods the Emperor want to be for information. The Shogun relates his story of Chuugo, adding that Chuugo stole Minoki from him who he loved immensely. He then alludes to the idea that Minoki is still alive and influencing his actions. The party realize that the cultists are using a Minoki imposter to control the Shogun and attack! Davy seals the doors by morphing the wood of the palace and Chuugo and the Shogun face each other in combat. The shogun is aided by shadow demons in suits of armor but the party prevails!

Chuugo then takes the sword of the Shogun in his hand, the legendary blade of Bahamut. Bahamut then provides Chuugo with a vision of his past. It is revealed to Chuugo that he is not the real Chuugo! He was a child when he witnessed the public execution of the real Chuugo, a childhood hero. The Shogun promptly banned all media relating to the great general Chuugo but the young boy carried out his own rebellion by hunting these texts down and absorbing them fanatically.

The original Chuugo died A.S. 822 at the age of 27. 20 years later, the new Chuugo, a young fisherman on a sea voyage, washes up on shore when his fishing ship is violently sundered by a sea monster (See: Leviathan). When he awakens he believes himself to be the true Chuugo due to serious head trauma. This explains why the Hydra resurfaced (because of the death of the true Chuugo) and why Chuugo is so young compared to the Shogun who he should be the same age of.

Bahamut then bestows the divine mandate upon Chuugo, choosing him for the destiny of becoming Emperor of all of Hosien. The Emperor’s sword in hand, Chuugo takes control of Northern Hosien only to find it in ruins, crippled by the Shogun’s mad war lust. Chuugo proceeds to slowly rebuild Hosien and orders the troops fighting in Southern Hosien to return home. He also begins peace talks with the other Hosienese Shoguns to try and form an alliance and he asks for aid, a request which they foolishly deny.

The party prepare their plans for the coming battle. Scree commissions a mass order of ballista and catapults to fight the Gredixians. The party visit the Larethion elves and ask them for aid in the coming battle to which they are given an ambiguous answer. The party also check the temple of Larethion to see if they can enlist Lifebloom’s help, but find that like Indra she has dissappeared. Cliff Edge busies himself building two adamantium cobras, which are ridiculously impossible to kill to low level peons and which he plans will decimate the enemy’s ground forces. Davy rallies the wolves of the forests to aid him. Brakov drills the Knights of Dragonhold and Chuugo continues requesting aid from Hosien.

The people are uneasy and fear the worst of the coming war. Scree though has a backup plan. He has the dwarven mining team prepare escape tunnels for the people in the mine, so if things get bad the people can escape through the mine and into the Deepdark. Marshall Alexi volunteers to help lead the people, and Scree entrusts her with explosives that will seal the mine providing the civilians time to escape. Finally Scree also provides his Castellan with an explosive charge that will level the cliff and cause it to collapse burying all of Dragonhold under it, and killing the Gredixian army. This is a last ditch measure though and Scree prays that it will never come to that.

The Story So Far...Pt.4

Chapter 6 Cont.

Misrov informs the party that the Titan Control Panel, now completed, must be activated from within the titan to bring it to life. The party formulates a plan to infiltrate the Titan overlooking Nomeria. The party heads out at night and manage to sneak past the guards. They infiltrate the foot of the titan and proceed to make their way through the infrastructure of the construct.

The party consists of the regular group, Mathias, Fhelen and some Wolfhounds alongside Misrov. When the party find the head of the titan, they discover a command desk and Misrov begins inputting commands with the Titan Control Panel. Suddenly the Titan when awakening opens its eyes revealing an image of Mjolnir who chastises the mortals for trying to activate his Titan. He then proceeds to consume Misrov in a tube of fire and implants Misrov’s soul into the body of the Titan.

Misrov proceeds to destroy Nomeria using the massive Titan body, and the party fights the core of the massive colossus. Fhelen during the fight reveals that he and the Wolfhounds are actually cultists and that they had planned for Misrov to destroy Nomeria and Dragonhold. The party manages to defeat Misrov though and deactivate the titan, but not before Antonius in dragon form is killed by Misrov. Misrov uses the broken council tower to skewer Antonius like a butterfly and tosses his corpse a little bit away from Nomeria.

The titan when deactivated crashes on top of Nomeria crushing a large portion of the city. The city of Nomeria devastated, the Titan Control Panel destroyed and Fhelen’s warning that the Gredixian Empire will march against Dragonhold leaves the party tired, despairing and homebound.

The Story So Far...Pt.3

Chapter 6. Wolves, Titans and Dragons

Fhelen arrives at Dragonhold and reports that his lord, Krade Wolfhound wants to speak with them now that they have recovered all the pieces of the titan control panel. The party leaves for Vakni soon after. Arriving in the barony of Vakni, the party are given directions to Krade’s home of Wolfhound Manse before being let loose by Fhelen. The party soon learns that all’s not well in Vakni. The country is in grinding tensions with its neighbor, the barony of Ludoc. The barony also sits in the unpopular hands of the Baron Redven who has been bending a knee to the Ludocians, and supposedly the encroaching Gredixians.

The party explores the city and Scree ends up setting fire to the top half of the Baron’s estate. Bokora and Mathias end up in a sticky situation which Mathias is rescued from by an amazing jump performed by Cliff Edge. The party soon after also meet their first plague doctor. After their shenanigans, the party arrive at Krade’s home and base of the popular Wolfhound Knights. The party meet the mysterious butler, Valthuriel and the efficient and fiery drillmaster Morgan Dread. After a tour of the manse, the party arrive at Krade’s study where he is speaking to a clearly unwelcome guest. The man, a messenger from the Baron, lashes out at Valthuriel on his way out. Scree manages to pickpocket the man though as well as place a poisoned elvish apple in his clothes.

The party then meets Krade, a distinguished war hero and noble of long standing good reputation. Krade is at a difficult point in his life as it seems that the people are threatening to kick out the Baron and cause rioting in the streets.

Word around the city is that Krade should be the rightful Baron of Vakni as tradition states that upon the passing of the old Baron, the title and position is passed down to the oldest blood relative or the spouse of the oldest blood relative. Krade was married to the old Baron’s eldest daughter, Cheryl-Ann, the older sister of Redven. But a mere few months before the Baron’s death, Cheryl-Ann and Krade’s 1 year old daughter disappeared from the face of Farline while out on a ride through the countryside. The disappearance was chalked up as a bandit attack, and the ruined leftovers of the carriage were found as supporting evidence. But while it seemed that Krade accepted this explanation, the people of the baronies speculate and whisper rumors.

Now the people are turning against the Baron and want to install Krade as the new Baron. Krade though has publicly refused such ideas, always stating that he is a man of honor and loyalty. He also has much bigger problems such as the Gredixian Empire who are slowly expanding eastward. The Gredixians are slowed down by the many tribes of gnolls who live on the Suntouched Plains but are slowly conquering the tribes and turning them in to a unified marching army. Krade, having fought a unified gnoll army once before fears the worst for the countries of the Titan’s Run especially now with the Gredixians leading the march.

Misrov explodes into the room practically slobbering over the pieces of the titan control panel. With his life’s work’s completion in sight, Misrov takes the titan control panel back to his study for reassembly. Krade estimates the repair might take a week or two and invites the party members to stay at his home until the piece is completed. The party agrees and are given rooms in the manse.

Cliff Edge proceeds to try and woo the people of Vakni but is booed and heckled by the citizens of Vakni. Race relations in Vakni are poor, and many of the elves who come down from Larethion’s Woods are treated as second-class citizens. The elves are tortured, beaten and executed in public by mobs of hateful racists and cut-throats. Still Cliff Edge manages to make a decent performance and returns to the manse where Morgan attempts to seduce him.

Cliff then discovers that Morgan has a secret sensitive side that she feels she could never show to anyone except for an elf. Falling in love with the traveling bard and performer, Morgan attempts to corner Cliff whenever she can but Cliff Edge manages to escape the choking embrace of the drillmaster. Fearing her whip Cliff Edge claims that he needs time to sort out his feelings for the woman before he can commit himself and decides to ask Krade if Morgan could accompany the party back to Dragonhold. Bokora wanting to train a group of knights supports the idea, knowing that the drillmaster could prove useful.

Bokora also attempts to man up Mathias throughout their stay at the Manse. But Mathias doesn’t seem to understand Bokora’s instructions and ends up making a fool of himself or failing at his tasks. He also pursues Corn, though he refuses to admit any affection for her stuttering and changing the subject when she comes up. Bokora attempts to teach Mathias how to work the ladies before he is distracted by one of Krade’s maids. Deciding to bed the woman, Bokora asks the woman out for a late night romp through the city. Mathias meanwhile ponders what Bokora has told him.

Scree explores the city but mostly keeps an eye on Misrov who Chuugo is also watching with a keen eye. Eventually the party finds themselves at the dinner table where Krade has Corn seated beside him. Throughout the meal the lord can’t tear his gaze away from Corn and seems more interested in her eating of the food then of his own food. When confronted by this Krade admits that Corn is young and pretty and drops the subject at that.

At the table the party also hear about Krade’s relation to Councilman Antonius. Being on the council himself, Krade ended up butting heads with the blue dragon. Krade reveals that Antonius is wholly opposed to the reactivation of the Titans and that his policies and arguments to activate the Titans caused Antonius to turn the other council members against him, explaining why Krade decides to stay at his home in Vakni more often then in Nomeria. Fhelen chips in that at one point, Krade was attacked by Antonius in the desert. Krade put up a good fight against the blue dragon until he was struck by a lightning bolt that should have killed him. Instead Krade walked into a council meeting a week later and stated that the expression on Antonius’ face was “Priceless”

Later that night, Bokora goes out with the maid Shelly and Scree. They discover the Carnival, a barony traditional festival that occurs a twice every year at the beginning of spring and at the end of summer. With masks donned the revelers dance the night away and eventually Bokora and Shelly make off by themselves. Shelly takes Bokora to a favorite spot of hers but arriving there, they find a lynch mob about to murder a group of elven peasants. Bokora steps in wielding his newly forged spear and disguised at first as Krade, and then as the Baron. The attackers run in fear after Bokora changes form in front of them using his mask of disguise, and after he proceeds to kill them off. Bokora frees the elves and provides them directions to Dragonhold, a safe haven for them and their people. Bokora then spends his night with Shelly.

Meanwhile back at the Manse, after dinner Corn returns to her room where Mathias follows her and professes his love to her. Corn taken aback refuses Mathias’ advances who then attempts to force himself upon her. But Chuugo rescues Corn by kicking down the door, missing so badly he actually only breaks half the door and part of the wall the door is hinged to, and pulling the pants-down Mathias off of Corn. Cliff and Morgan arrive on the scene as Corn runs from the scene in tears. Chuugo follows her while Cliff remains behind to question the young squire. Bokora and Shelly arrive as well and after saying goodbye to Shelly, Bokora proceeds to discipline his squire scolding him for his idiocy. Scree arrives at the time but stays out of the way noticing that Valthuriel, the elven butler, is watching the whole event.

Outside Chuugo finds Corn set upon by a large wolf-like creature. Identifying the beast as a worg, Chuugo finds that Corn isn’t being attacked by it but instead seems to be comforted by it. When Chuugo cautiously approaches the large worg leaps away and escapes the Manse and into the city streets. Chuugo asks Corn what she was doing with the creature and Corn just stated she felt safe with it. As Chuugo watches the path the worg took, he remembers noticing a strange discoloration in the fur of the wolf. A long scar of white hair that seemed familiar.

Scree follows Valthuriel the butler through the streets of Vakni. At first Scree had believed the butler would report to Krade in his study, but Valthuriel arrives instead at where Bokora had fought and killed the elf lynch mob. Krade dismisses a shadowy figure who disappears into the night and Valthuriel reports the night’s events at the Manse and the growing relationship between Morgan and Cliff. Krade fumes when he hears of Mathias’ actions. He orders Valthuriel to dispose of the boy if he ever makes such a move again. Scree then continues to stay and witnesses Krade transform into a beast and run off into the darkness.

Returning home Scree chalks up much of what he had seen to the alcohol he had consumed at the Carnival but the next day reports to the rest of the party what he had seen. Chuugo suddenly makes the connection. A portion of Krade’s hair had turned white after being struck by a lightning bolt during the fight with Antonius. The shape matched the shape on the worg’s face. Before the party has time to contemplate this Cliff Edge is summoned by Krade for a friendly sparring match.

Cliff spars Krade and they both speak on the events in Vakni and the Titan’s Run. Krade reiterates the importance of stopping the Gredixian Empire by activating the titans. When Cliff references Antonius, Krade states that the dragon fears the Titans. After all, in the games of creation, Mjolnir created the titans to protect himself. Masterwork artifacts, the titans had the power to crush an entire flight of dragons and come out unscratched. Such a challenge of power unnerved Antonius. Krade then reveals that he has heard of Cliff’s plan to recruit Morgan Dread as a trainer of knights at Dragonhold. Krade agrees to allow Morgan to leave…if Cliff lets Krade keep Corn.

When Krade’s intentions are questioned by Cliff, Valthuriel reveals the story of Krade’s wife and daughter who were lost on the plains. When Cheryl-Ann disappeared, the Baron blamed Krade for her disappearance stabbing a dagger deep into Krade’s heart. Krade tormented by his guilt set himself to eradicate all threats to Vakni. Having already put down the gnoll uprising years before, Krade set himself to preventing Gredix’s reach from expanding and keeping the other greedy baronies in check. Krade was finally able to squelch his loss of his wife and child by coming to terms with the fact that they were probably dead. But Corn’s appearance is so strikingly similar to Cheryl-Ann that Krade’s memories have returned. Cliff demands to know what Krade means to do with Corn, to which Krade replies that he would keep her safe. Krade believes that Corn is his long-lost daughter who had disappeared with his wife so many years ago. The age is right and the resemblance was uncanny. Cliff Edge states that he has to think about what Krade has told him. Cliff Edge had found Corn in the hands of slavers…had Corn’s mother been sold years ago and the slavers had bred Corn to be sold as stock, judging her valuable by her mother’s appearance?

Bokora and Scree meanwhile come up with a scheme to take over the barony of Vakni. Scree sneaks into the baron’s estate one day and manages to find a book on the family history. After rewriting the history, Scree returns to the Wolfhound Manse. A day or so later Krade takes the party and the staff of the Manse out to enjoy the last and biggest day of the Carnival. At the Carnival, Mathias apologizes to Corn for his irrationality. Corn after a time forgives him.

Bokora leaves the city while the party is at the Carnival and calls his partner Dragonna. Mounting her, Bokora proceeds to wait until the Baron arrives at the Carnival and swoops down. Bokora challenges the Baron to a duel for the throne, claiming that the family histories show Bokora as the rightful heir of the family throne. To the surprise of the crowd, the Baron accepts the ludicrous challenge but has the battle fought by proxy. He chooses as his champion…Krade Wolfhound.

Krade, who had promised his wife that he would protect her younger brother, accepts the challenge and duels Bokora. Krade defeats Bokora soundly only for Bokora to suddenly disappear in the middle of the fight, thanks to an invisibility spell cast by Cliff Edge. The crowd cheers Krade’s victory but fall into silence when an arrow strikes Krade in the neck dropping him to the ground. The crowd bursts into action as Ludocian knights appear and attack the Baron and his men. From the rooftops archers fire down into the crowd striking both fighters and innocents. Chuugo and Cliff Edge fight their way through the crowd only to see Corn being carried off by the Baron’s bodyguard. The party makes chase. Scree sees Krade stand up and meld into the crowd then sees him collapse in an alleyway. When Scree approaches, he sees that Krade’s face is being consumed by what looks like the Black Plague. Krade though stands, up the wound in his neck already beginning to heal and his face beginning to clear. He quickly grabs Scree and proceeds to climb up the side of a building and confronts the archers who shot at him.

Across the way, the Baron stands over Corn threatening her life. The party proceeds to fight the Ludocian bodyguard and the Baron’s men while chaos continues in the streets. Krade and Scree defeat the archers and Krade, with Scree in tow, tries to make the jump to the other rooftop but makes it only halfway. He tosses Scree the rest of the way and yells out curses at the Ludocians. As Chuugo, Cliff Edge and Davy, proceed to fight the Baron’s men the Baron himself forces a vial down Corn’s throat who begins to convulse violently. Meanwhile Bokora and Mathias fly over the city, Bokora healing from his endeavor while Mathias demands that he should be allowed to fight.

Krade manages to reach the rooftop just as the Baron throws Corn from the rooftop. Bokora sights the falling Corn and casts a slow-fall spell on her preserving her. The party proceeds to defeat the Baron who admits to Krade that 15 years ago, in his quest for power, he attacked his sister and niece and had slavers capture them. He made sure his sister was killed but begged the slavers to preserve the girl. Krade, unsatisfied with the supposed pity and disgusted by the man, allows the party to kill the Baron.

The party find Corn in the alleyway, who seems to have lapsed into a coma. Her body is tainted by the plague which pumps death through her, and Cliff Edge uses the last bit of his cure-all to slow the deadly process. The party return to the Wolfhound Manse where they lay Corn down comfortably. When Cliff Edge questions Krade of the change of surviving Krade says “Very soon we will know whether she is my daughter or not. If she continues to draw breath, or grows still in the wake of death.”

A few hours later Corn makes a slow but sure recovery and Krade summons the party. He states that with the death of the Baron and the revelation provided him, Krade will be chosen to become the new Baron of Vakni and Corn’s surviving indicates that she is Krade’s daughter. Krade entrusts Corn’s safety to Chuugo and Cliff, stating that the baronies are too dangerous for family members of anyone with power. The past has indicated that. Krade also promises to provide aid to Dragonhold as long as the party fights the Gredixians but will have to focus on protecting his own borders from the Ludocians. Davy comments on the fact that the Ludocian bodyguard, after removing his helmet was revealed to be a Gredixian. The news is disturbing but the dangerous moments have passed.

Suddenly Misrov runs in to the room greatly excited. The completed titan control panel rests in his hands…

The Story so Far...Pt.2
Play Summary

Chapter 5 cont.

The party meet the Loremaster of the elves living in the forest, who tasks them in dealing with a nymph who has taken up at Larethion’s Mirror, a nearby lake. The party head out for the lake and meet a group of Vaknian mercenaries. They talk the Vaknians into walking into an ambush at the elven village the next day. The party arrives at the lake and encounter the nymph. She captures and Bokora and plans on drowning him, but Cliff Edge challenges the fey to a game of three challenges. The fey is defeated by the cooperation of the party and Bokora has his way with the nymph as part of the challenges. The nymph then proceeds to fly off leaving the forest in peace.

Returning to the Loremaster, the party is rewarded. The Vaknian mercenaries arrive and are slaughtered by the waiting elves. The Loremaster informs the party that the mercenaries were sent by the artificer Misrov who has been attempting to send mercenaries into the temple of Larethion to try and retrieve something.

Davy is chosen by the Loremaster to become a druid of Larethion. The party then recieves access to the temple and enter it to try and clear out some monsters that have been plaguing it. Inside the party discovers that the temple has been corrupted by strange maggots that exude a dark contaminant. The animals roaming the temple have been mutated into monsters. The party fend off and slay the monsters, climbing the temple. On the second floor they discover a large deactivated wooden golem. Cliff Edge puts it in his bag of holding and the party also finds a strange panel of some kind.

The party reach the top of the temple where they find a flight of green dragons. The dragons and their mother who lives in the temple have recently become sick, their water contaminated by the maggots. Cliff Edge uses his magical “cure-all” to purify the water and subsequently the temple curing the dragons. The party is thanked by an ancient green dragon who calls herself Lifebraid. She tells the party about how figures in dark robes had snuck into the temple and poisoned the water of the dragons, planning on killing them. The figures had also attempted to steal from the temple but had failed. Lifebraid also informs the party of the locations of some of her brethren as well as telling them the use of the panel the party found.

The party then leave the temple and after recieving their reward from the Loremaster, head west to Misrov’s Tower. There the party finds flesh golems protecting the tower and manage to rescue a young red dragon captured by the constructs. The party then meets Fhelen, a Vaknian ranger who works for Misrov. Fhelen informs them of Misrov’s willingness to employ mercenaries and create flesh golems to protect himself from the elves and their supposed “savagery”. The party then proceeds to use guerilla druid tactics to destroy Misrov’s tower and capture Misrov. After a negotiation with the gnome and Fhelen the party release Misrov who informs them of the locations of the last two pieces of the control panel, one of which he possesses. He then asks the party to find the last piece and bring it to his employer Krade in Vakni.

Fhelen leads the party to Nomeria, a large metropolis in the shadow of a Titan. On the way the party are led to an ideal spot to build a fortress. There the party splits from Fhelen who challenges them that he’ll find the final piece of the control panel first. The party proceeds to meet with the Nomerian Council and specifically meet with Antonius, a blue dragon wearing the guise of a human. Antonius tells the group of King Varic, a criminal underboss who has created a criminal kingdom in the sewers of Nomeria. Antonius asks the party to kill King Varic and destroy his kingdom in exchange for permission to build their fortress on Nomerian soil.

The party agrees and spends a few days in town. Cliff Edge proceeds to do some charity work for the Church of Peros through dancing. He is approached later by a captain of the Knights of Peros who asks Cliff Edge to find his men who were dispatched into the sewers to apprehend and kill a fiendish monster. Meanwhile Chuugo realizes his lifelong dream of finding a land octopus.

The party proceed to search the sewers for King Varic and stumble across a fiendish winged monster in the sewers, who leads them into the lair of a Medusa populated by the statues and dead corpses of many including some Knights of Peros. After defeating the Medusa the party leaves the serpentine being chained in her own lair. The party then finds Varicistan, King Varic’s personal country in the Deepdark. Varicistan is full of outlaws, criminals, slavers, murderers and generally evil people. The party find Fhelen captured by King Varic but provide him an escape. Fhelen informs the party that King Varic’s metal golem has the control panel infused to it which provides it life and then escapes the sewers. The party decide, to get close to Varic they will have to enter The Pit, an ancient arena.

The party must become champions of the arena to personally meet King Varic and recieve a boon from the old dwarf. The party proceed to fight in the arena, their first challenge: the wholesale slaughter of bound and helpless Knights of Peros. The party refuses to warm up on the knights and so find themselves facing the very Medusa they had defeated previously, this time aided by two dark nagas and the favor of the king. The party manages to defeat the Medusa though and proceed to gain some favor in The Pit. The party then meets the grand champion of The Pit, the Gredixian minotaur Cassius and his men. The party learns of the Gredixian Empire from the friendly and aloof minotaur. The party also meets a vampiress, Nissa and her shadowy bodyguard Lurk. Scree and Bokora explore the slave quarter of Varicistan and find a mermaid for sale. Scree bets the slavemaster of the mermaid, all his slaves, that him and his party can defeat the grand champions. The slavemaster agrees.

The party then proceeds to defeat a team of a rabid gnoll, a salamander and an Oni in their second arena match. Before their final arena match, the party bargain with Nissa who orders Lurk to fight in the arena alongside the party. The party faces off against Cassius and defeat him, thanks to teamwork and criticals. But the dead body of Cassius doesn’t stay dead for long. Cassius after his defeat reveals himself as the winged fiend the party had seen before in the sewers, and the murderer of the Knights of Peros. He then proceeds to fly off swearing revenge on Chuugo, who dealt the final blows against him. The party are declared the arena grand champions. Scree obtains his slaves from the slavemaster and suddenly becomes the owner of a little less than 200 slaves. Bokora meanwhile uses the opportunity of being an arena champion to forge his masterwork spear in The Pit. Bokora transplants the Eye of the Past into his spear ending the magical scrying ability of the eye but making a powerful magical spear in the process. Chuugo and Cliff Edge also find a young slave girl in the slave quarter who they decide to buy and raise as an apprentice. Cliff Edge names the girl Corn.

The party then proceeds to meet with King Varic and summarily assasinate the underworld crime boss. The party then makes off with the last piece of the Titan Control Panel and return to the surface world. With all three pieces in their possession, the party now have the ability to revive the Titans who once walked the earth, and safeguard Farline from evil.

The party report to Antonius who rewards the party with the deed to their new keep Dragonhold. The party proceeds to leave for their new land. Before though Cliff Edge meets with the captain of the Knights of Peros and tells him of the deaths of his men at the hands of the fiend Cassius. The captain mourns his men but promises to inform the Grandson of Peros of the growing danger of the Gredixian Empire.

The party proceed to begin building their keep with the help of the slaves obtained by Scree and Antonius’ hired workers. After a month most of the keep has been built. A merchant by the name of Kalendros passes by the keep and asks the party if he and his merchant colleagues could set up a resupply and trade route through the keep. The party gladly accepts and Kalendros provides supervision of the workers of the keep in the creation of a defensive wall. Chuugo realizes his lifelong dream of buying a mandrake. Bokora proceeds to find a squire for himself and begins training Mathias. Chuugo and Cliff Edge begin training Corn in the art of dance/fighting. Scree’s dragon, Indra, arrives at the keep and brings with her a dozen goblins who Scree appoints as his personal retainers. Bokora takes the about two weeks to fly on the back of his dragon to Rajmesa, find his lover Elizabeth, and bring her and his new baby boy Gustav Esteban back to the keep.

The slaves that belong to Scree, approach him with the bailiff and request to build houses in the keep. Scree agrees to this. The slaves then ask to build farms, which Scree only agrees to if a mine is opened up in the cliff Dragonhold is built into. The peasants begin a mine, but the mine does very poorly. A week later, dwarves from Boria show up at the keep wanting to prospect in the mine. Scree agrees but in exchange wants a cut of the gold. The dwarves proceed to find rich mineral and metal veins in the mines and decide to stay at the keep and build a tavern. The keep celebrates the new discovery with a party that lasts long into the night.

A year has passed since the party first met…

The Story So Far...Pt.1
Chapter Summary


The Party

Our party begins their adventure in Greenhill, a county of the country of Rondo. As if by fate our party finds itself pulled together in front of the Magistrate of Greenhill who informs them that strange occurrences have been occurring throughout the countryside of peaceful Rondo. Subsequently, the party is attacked by what seems to be a human being infected with extreme rabies. Upon death, the attacker exudes a strange purplish miasma and the Magistrate of Greenhill tasks the party with searching out the powerful wizard Weston who is in the middle of investigating the strange happenings in Rondo. So our party sets out to discover the source of the dark taint.

Chapter 1: Green Hills

Our party finds the tower of the wizard Weston. Paid handsomely by the King of Rondo, Weston hires the party as his field agents to hunt down the evil that has come to Rondo. After discovering a farm plagued by possessed humans and demonic farm animals, Weston tasks the party in finding the town of Happiness and clearing out the four goblin caves that form a diamond around the small town. The town was deserted, populated only by a few elderly people and the village elder Montios. Montios asked the party to help rebuild the town of Happiness and make it a good town to live in once more.

The party cleared out the goblin caves and along the way found out that the Cult of the Laughing Skull was behind the dark taint. They confronted the cultists hiding out in the caves and defeated them one by one, even thwarting a ritual to return a demon from the abyss to the material plane. This was also the first time the party heard of the shadowy Rasper and met one of his underlings Anth. Along the way Scree the goblin convinced the goblins of the region that he was a god incarnate and began to build an empire of goblins. Bokora was also able to convert one of the cultists, Elizabeth, to the side of good and ended up conceiving a child with her. To give themselves a home, the party began turning the town of Happiness into a base of operations for their party.

Chapter 2: Clouded Skies

As a reward for quelling the cultist activity in Rondo, the King of Rondo invited Weston and the party to the capital city to attend the Prince’s wedding. The party decided to take the audience to appeal for regency over the town of Happiness. At this time, Scree left the party to go on a journey to rally the goblins of the Wildlands to the south of Rondo and grow his goblinoid empire. The party prepared for an entire week in the capital, hunting down marital gifts and wedding attire. The party went so far as to retrieve an ancient eternal flower from the abandoned wellspring of the city, defeating a giant spider in the process. In preparation the King declared a ceasefire with Draksylvania and ordered a majority of the drafted citizens of Rondo home for the holiday.

On the day of the wedding all seemed well. Until Draksylvanian soldiers appeared in the crowd and attempted to kill the Prince and the King of Rondo at the altar. The plot was part of a conspiracy concocted over the span of seven years by General Nishkov and was aided by the party’s own Bokora, a Draksylvanian loyalist. It was Bokora who applied the finishing blow to the King of Rondo inciting the wrath of Chuugo. Both warriors faced off against each other as Bokora attempted to kidnap the would-be Princess of Rondo. In the end though Nishkov betrayed Bokora and attempted to kill him and Chuugo by making them fall off of Castle Rondo’s parapets.

Luckily Chuugo and Bokora escaped with their lives. Thanks to the efforts of Davy the Druid, the Prince of Rondo escaped with his life. Cliff Edge the Bard was the last to see Weston bravely standing off against three Draksylvanian Dragoons before he escaped.

The party met back up in Warden Moaiff’s Camp at the edge of the Rajmesan and Rondorian border. By this time Draksylvania had overrun Rondo using its newly revived Dragoon Airborne and were in the process of bringing Rondo under full Draksylvanian control. The town of Happiness which had grown into a blooming multicultural center, having denizens sponsored by the Wardens, the Cliffrunners, Rondorians and even Goblins, was ransacked by the Draksylvanians. The people living in the town had been shipped off to the Lionpaw Goblin cave and the cave had been cleared of its resident goblins and reverted to a gold mine. Bokora charged into the camp demanding the Draksylvanians return his beloved Elizabeth and fess up for their crimes. He was summarily imprisoned.

The party staged a rescue mission and freed the Happiness prisoners in the mine and saved Bokora. After reuniting, the party returned to Moaiff’s camp who informed them that he had not been able to get in contact with Weston or Montios since the day of the wedding and he feared that both may be dead. He also feared that Draksylvania had revived their dragon force through a new dragon lord in power in Draksylvania. In wake of such news the party decides that they need to grow stronger before they can return to Rondo and free it from the clutches of the Draksylvanian forces.

Chapter 3: Darklit Tunnels

Chuugo volunteers the party to return to his home country of Hosien. Having suffered from amnesia and waking on the shores of Latra, Chuugo desired to know what was going on in his ancestral home and the location of his powerfully enchanted, magic sword. Bokora leaves Elizabeth behind with Moaiff, who promises to take care of her. The party heads north to the port city of Timas where The party then hitches a ride on the Flaming Dutchman, the only ship that dared to cross the Darklit sea in the middle of the monsoon season. The captain was transporting a rare artifact to Darklit Isle and offered the party transport in exchange for security. The party on the trip fought against a tribe of Sahuagin who demanded the return of the Shark’s Tear the captain’s treasure. The party defeated the tribe and persuaded the pirate into giving them the gem and leaving his pirateering career behind. Soon after disembarking at Darklit Isle, the Flaming Dutchman exploded into flames and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

In the wake of the Flaming Dutchman, the party arrives at Darklit Town, a settlement of piratey folk, and subsequently decide to scale the Darklit Tower. Darklit Tower’s everburning flame proved too great of a temptation for Bokora who wished to forge a masterwork spear in a place of power and magic. After arriving at the top of the tower and defeating the rust monsters that resided in the ancient lighthouse, the group forged the spear in a week. At this point Bokora decided to place the Shark’s Tear gem in the spear but as he was preparing to do so, the gem was snatched from him by a shadowdancer. The party pursues the Shadowdancer in to the Deepdark.

In the underground caves the party meets Fizzlepitz, a gnome spelunker who offers to guide them through the Deepdark. After a nasty encounter with a harpoon spider the party discovers the dead body of the shadowdancer. Unable to find the gem on him and suspecting an interception, the party continues onward in their goal to reach Hosien. Fizzlepitz derails them though and takes them to the duergar city DarkIron Hold. At DarkIron Hold the party hears of a captured Warden who was exploring the Deepdark. The Warden is to be executed and from his posession, a ruby red gem, is to be given to a drow emissary from Rilauven, the drow city.

The party frees the Warden ranger and proceeds to hole up in a tavern. The emissaries arrive at town and in a heroic fashion, the ranger makes off with the gem and half the emissaries’ warrior at his tail. The party attempts to leave only to discover Dark Iron Hold’s ruler Shimmergloom. Shimmergloom allows them passage though after a brief questioning and the party continues on to Hosien.

Chapter 4: Unfortunate Memorial

In Hosien, the party makes their way to the Capital City. On the way they learn that Chuugo has been labeled a traitor by the Shogun Wu Xhen. Chuugo, afflicted with amnesia, can’t remember what he had exactly done to harm the Shogun and so the party sets out to find his uncle who can provide him with information. The party finds their uncle and learns of the history of Chuugo. Suddenly the party is apprehended by the Shogun’s men though, and Chuugo’s uncle is executed by the Shogun and the Shogun attempts to have his generals kill Chuugo but the party escapes.

The party flees west to Chuugo’s birthtown. There they discover that Chuugo’s sword has been taken by his childhood friend Minoki, in to the mountains to appease the demonic hydra that has returned to plague the village. Chuugo and the party venture into the Ezojumi mountain range where they meet the self-dubbed “Old One”. The party hears the legend of Ezojumi from the “Old One” and take on the quest to find the the Eyes of Ezojumi. They continue on to they hydra’s icy lair and face off against the monster. It is revealed soon after the defeat of the heads, the hydra was a revival of the demon Shokashira and upon its defeat Chuugo resealed it into his ancestral sword. The party then discover that the Minoki who had taken the sword into the mountains was a cultist disguised as an imposter Minoki and she escapes after warning the party that Rasper is watching them.

Chapter 5: Control of the Titans

The party continues their journey west and return the Eye of the Past to the “Old One” who reveals his true form to be a Rakshasa and reveals a dark secret about the Wardens before leaping into a inter-planar portal. The party continues on their journey through the Ezojumi Mountains and end up running from an avalanche. Cliff Edge ends up falling behind and gets overtaken by the avalanche. When he awakens he finds himself in a large underground cavern with half the remnants of a Titan. He is able to retrieve the Titan’s data disc and the party helps him get out and continue.

The party arrives in Leafdale Forest a region of the Titan’s Run where they find that a group of elves living there are defending their forest from Vaknian mercenaries attempting to break into their sacred temple and on the way, destroy their peaceful settlement.


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