Epilogue. 12 Years Later

The Lords of Dragonhold first meet circa A.S. 842

The Second Burning of Draksylvania occurs in A.S. 844

12 years pass…

Shogun Chuugo of Northern Hosean is hailed by his people as a fair and noble ruler who rebuilds the wavering country up again. To unify the people, Chuugo’s ministers begin spreading word among the people of a new name for their country. The Shogunate of Chuusei becomes the new name of Hosean’s northern region. In the history books Chuugo is seen as an immortal warrior and in the north he is praised as the mandated Divine Emperor, though Chuugo’s peers to the south refused to accept that. Chuugo unlike his predecessors did not push war. His mere legend prevented any major military conflicts during his time as shogun.

Davy the ever mysterious druid disappeared into the woods in the northern Rondo countryside. In the future, druidic circles would hail the work of Davy who fostered a civilization comprised of sentient bears and elves. To the non-druidic world though Davy became a mysterious and enigmatic figure. Even in the history books plotting the rise of Dragonhold, Davy is a figure who darts in an out. His research of sentience and intelligent animal magic though has formed a large following of druids who are said to live with him in his woodland fortress.

Cliff Edge is hailed throughout the Gateways and the Titan’s Run equally by grand lords and the poor people as a hero and god of entertainers. Cliff Edge grows his legend during his lifetime and uses his magic and resources as an Artificer Lord to continue his research of the construction of artificial beings as well as his research of extraplanar dimensions. Cliff Edge mysteriously disappears from the history books sometime during the 900’s. Soon after he is elevated to the status of gods by bards and entertainers.

Brakov with his fully awakened dragon blood is promised a long life. He sees the passing of many of his friends and relatives but steels himself and spends his time growing the power of New Draksylvania. Avoiding building in the east on actual Draksylvanian land in the shadow of the volatile Dragonspine, Brakov instead capitalizes on what the Draksylvanians had achieved in Rondo and takes over the country. He spends his life as a warlord with many women and indulging himself in power, only to succumb in his later years to the vile willed hands of his many children.

Scree spends the next twelve years as if he were suffering from a debilitating terminal illness. Clerics of the highest order are summoned by his power as Lord of Dragonhold, but no cleric can identify the curse or illness and no potion or spell will cure the noble goblin. Scree spends his lifetime seeing to the unification of Dragonhold and the expansion of the keep into a full country. With multiple cities and ethnicities thriving in his kingdom the Lord of Dragonhold commissions a tomb for himself. Etching the long hallway before his tomb with the story of the Lords of Dragonhold, Scree pours his life out onto the walls. He then lies on his deathbed with his elven wife beside him and his children as well as his right hand man Guunjo. Scree creates a council to watch over the finances and government of Dragonhold to be headed by relevant representatives.

In A.S. 856 the Lords of Dragonhold convene to watch an old friend die.

Scree’s final moments are spent with his friends the party members. As he is wheeled away and sealed in his tomb the party barely make out his last words. A slow rasping…

So ends the tale of the Lords of Dragonhold.



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