The Story so Far...Pt.2

Play Summary

Chapter 5 cont.

The party meet the Loremaster of the elves living in the forest, who tasks them in dealing with a nymph who has taken up at Larethion’s Mirror, a nearby lake. The party head out for the lake and meet a group of Vaknian mercenaries. They talk the Vaknians into walking into an ambush at the elven village the next day. The party arrives at the lake and encounter the nymph. She captures and Bokora and plans on drowning him, but Cliff Edge challenges the fey to a game of three challenges. The fey is defeated by the cooperation of the party and Bokora has his way with the nymph as part of the challenges. The nymph then proceeds to fly off leaving the forest in peace.

Returning to the Loremaster, the party is rewarded. The Vaknian mercenaries arrive and are slaughtered by the waiting elves. The Loremaster informs the party that the mercenaries were sent by the artificer Misrov who has been attempting to send mercenaries into the temple of Larethion to try and retrieve something.

Davy is chosen by the Loremaster to become a druid of Larethion. The party then recieves access to the temple and enter it to try and clear out some monsters that have been plaguing it. Inside the party discovers that the temple has been corrupted by strange maggots that exude a dark contaminant. The animals roaming the temple have been mutated into monsters. The party fend off and slay the monsters, climbing the temple. On the second floor they discover a large deactivated wooden golem. Cliff Edge puts it in his bag of holding and the party also finds a strange panel of some kind.

The party reach the top of the temple where they find a flight of green dragons. The dragons and their mother who lives in the temple have recently become sick, their water contaminated by the maggots. Cliff Edge uses his magical “cure-all” to purify the water and subsequently the temple curing the dragons. The party is thanked by an ancient green dragon who calls herself Lifebraid. She tells the party about how figures in dark robes had snuck into the temple and poisoned the water of the dragons, planning on killing them. The figures had also attempted to steal from the temple but had failed. Lifebraid also informs the party of the locations of some of her brethren as well as telling them the use of the panel the party found.

The party then leave the temple and after recieving their reward from the Loremaster, head west to Misrov’s Tower. There the party finds flesh golems protecting the tower and manage to rescue a young red dragon captured by the constructs. The party then meets Fhelen, a Vaknian ranger who works for Misrov. Fhelen informs them of Misrov’s willingness to employ mercenaries and create flesh golems to protect himself from the elves and their supposed “savagery”. The party then proceeds to use guerilla druid tactics to destroy Misrov’s tower and capture Misrov. After a negotiation with the gnome and Fhelen the party release Misrov who informs them of the locations of the last two pieces of the control panel, one of which he possesses. He then asks the party to find the last piece and bring it to his employer Krade in Vakni.

Fhelen leads the party to Nomeria, a large metropolis in the shadow of a Titan. On the way the party are led to an ideal spot to build a fortress. There the party splits from Fhelen who challenges them that he’ll find the final piece of the control panel first. The party proceeds to meet with the Nomerian Council and specifically meet with Antonius, a blue dragon wearing the guise of a human. Antonius tells the group of King Varic, a criminal underboss who has created a criminal kingdom in the sewers of Nomeria. Antonius asks the party to kill King Varic and destroy his kingdom in exchange for permission to build their fortress on Nomerian soil.

The party agrees and spends a few days in town. Cliff Edge proceeds to do some charity work for the Church of Peros through dancing. He is approached later by a captain of the Knights of Peros who asks Cliff Edge to find his men who were dispatched into the sewers to apprehend and kill a fiendish monster. Meanwhile Chuugo realizes his lifelong dream of finding a land octopus.

The party proceed to search the sewers for King Varic and stumble across a fiendish winged monster in the sewers, who leads them into the lair of a Medusa populated by the statues and dead corpses of many including some Knights of Peros. After defeating the Medusa the party leaves the serpentine being chained in her own lair. The party then finds Varicistan, King Varic’s personal country in the Deepdark. Varicistan is full of outlaws, criminals, slavers, murderers and generally evil people. The party find Fhelen captured by King Varic but provide him an escape. Fhelen informs the party that King Varic’s metal golem has the control panel infused to it which provides it life and then escapes the sewers. The party decide, to get close to Varic they will have to enter The Pit, an ancient arena.

The party must become champions of the arena to personally meet King Varic and recieve a boon from the old dwarf. The party proceed to fight in the arena, their first challenge: the wholesale slaughter of bound and helpless Knights of Peros. The party refuses to warm up on the knights and so find themselves facing the very Medusa they had defeated previously, this time aided by two dark nagas and the favor of the king. The party manages to defeat the Medusa though and proceed to gain some favor in The Pit. The party then meets the grand champion of The Pit, the Gredixian minotaur Cassius and his men. The party learns of the Gredixian Empire from the friendly and aloof minotaur. The party also meets a vampiress, Nissa and her shadowy bodyguard Lurk. Scree and Bokora explore the slave quarter of Varicistan and find a mermaid for sale. Scree bets the slavemaster of the mermaid, all his slaves, that him and his party can defeat the grand champions. The slavemaster agrees.

The party then proceeds to defeat a team of a rabid gnoll, a salamander and an Oni in their second arena match. Before their final arena match, the party bargain with Nissa who orders Lurk to fight in the arena alongside the party. The party faces off against Cassius and defeat him, thanks to teamwork and criticals. But the dead body of Cassius doesn’t stay dead for long. Cassius after his defeat reveals himself as the winged fiend the party had seen before in the sewers, and the murderer of the Knights of Peros. He then proceeds to fly off swearing revenge on Chuugo, who dealt the final blows against him. The party are declared the arena grand champions. Scree obtains his slaves from the slavemaster and suddenly becomes the owner of a little less than 200 slaves. Bokora meanwhile uses the opportunity of being an arena champion to forge his masterwork spear in The Pit. Bokora transplants the Eye of the Past into his spear ending the magical scrying ability of the eye but making a powerful magical spear in the process. Chuugo and Cliff Edge also find a young slave girl in the slave quarter who they decide to buy and raise as an apprentice. Cliff Edge names the girl Corn.

The party then proceeds to meet with King Varic and summarily assasinate the underworld crime boss. The party then makes off with the last piece of the Titan Control Panel and return to the surface world. With all three pieces in their possession, the party now have the ability to revive the Titans who once walked the earth, and safeguard Farline from evil.

The party report to Antonius who rewards the party with the deed to their new keep Dragonhold. The party proceeds to leave for their new land. Before though Cliff Edge meets with the captain of the Knights of Peros and tells him of the deaths of his men at the hands of the fiend Cassius. The captain mourns his men but promises to inform the Grandson of Peros of the growing danger of the Gredixian Empire.

The party proceed to begin building their keep with the help of the slaves obtained by Scree and Antonius’ hired workers. After a month most of the keep has been built. A merchant by the name of Kalendros passes by the keep and asks the party if he and his merchant colleagues could set up a resupply and trade route through the keep. The party gladly accepts and Kalendros provides supervision of the workers of the keep in the creation of a defensive wall. Chuugo realizes his lifelong dream of buying a mandrake. Bokora proceeds to find a squire for himself and begins training Mathias. Chuugo and Cliff Edge begin training Corn in the art of dance/fighting. Scree’s dragon, Indra, arrives at the keep and brings with her a dozen goblins who Scree appoints as his personal retainers. Bokora takes the about two weeks to fly on the back of his dragon to Rajmesa, find his lover Elizabeth, and bring her and his new baby boy Gustav Esteban back to the keep.

The slaves that belong to Scree, approach him with the bailiff and request to build houses in the keep. Scree agrees to this. The slaves then ask to build farms, which Scree only agrees to if a mine is opened up in the cliff Dragonhold is built into. The peasants begin a mine, but the mine does very poorly. A week later, dwarves from Boria show up at the keep wanting to prospect in the mine. Scree agrees but in exchange wants a cut of the gold. The dwarves proceed to find rich mineral and metal veins in the mines and decide to stay at the keep and build a tavern. The keep celebrates the new discovery with a party that lasts long into the night.

A year has passed since the party first met…



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