The Story So Far...Pt.1

Chapter Summary


The Party

Our party begins their adventure in Greenhill, a county of the country of Rondo. As if by fate our party finds itself pulled together in front of the Magistrate of Greenhill who informs them that strange occurrences have been occurring throughout the countryside of peaceful Rondo. Subsequently, the party is attacked by what seems to be a human being infected with extreme rabies. Upon death, the attacker exudes a strange purplish miasma and the Magistrate of Greenhill tasks the party with searching out the powerful wizard Weston who is in the middle of investigating the strange happenings in Rondo. So our party sets out to discover the source of the dark taint.

Chapter 1: Green Hills

Our party finds the tower of the wizard Weston. Paid handsomely by the King of Rondo, Weston hires the party as his field agents to hunt down the evil that has come to Rondo. After discovering a farm plagued by possessed humans and demonic farm animals, Weston tasks the party in finding the town of Happiness and clearing out the four goblin caves that form a diamond around the small town. The town was deserted, populated only by a few elderly people and the village elder Montios. Montios asked the party to help rebuild the town of Happiness and make it a good town to live in once more.

The party cleared out the goblin caves and along the way found out that the Cult of the Laughing Skull was behind the dark taint. They confronted the cultists hiding out in the caves and defeated them one by one, even thwarting a ritual to return a demon from the abyss to the material plane. This was also the first time the party heard of the shadowy Rasper and met one of his underlings Anth. Along the way Scree the goblin convinced the goblins of the region that he was a god incarnate and began to build an empire of goblins. Bokora was also able to convert one of the cultists, Elizabeth, to the side of good and ended up conceiving a child with her. To give themselves a home, the party began turning the town of Happiness into a base of operations for their party.

Chapter 2: Clouded Skies

As a reward for quelling the cultist activity in Rondo, the King of Rondo invited Weston and the party to the capital city to attend the Prince’s wedding. The party decided to take the audience to appeal for regency over the town of Happiness. At this time, Scree left the party to go on a journey to rally the goblins of the Wildlands to the south of Rondo and grow his goblinoid empire. The party prepared for an entire week in the capital, hunting down marital gifts and wedding attire. The party went so far as to retrieve an ancient eternal flower from the abandoned wellspring of the city, defeating a giant spider in the process. In preparation the King declared a ceasefire with Draksylvania and ordered a majority of the drafted citizens of Rondo home for the holiday.

On the day of the wedding all seemed well. Until Draksylvanian soldiers appeared in the crowd and attempted to kill the Prince and the King of Rondo at the altar. The plot was part of a conspiracy concocted over the span of seven years by General Nishkov and was aided by the party’s own Bokora, a Draksylvanian loyalist. It was Bokora who applied the finishing blow to the King of Rondo inciting the wrath of Chuugo. Both warriors faced off against each other as Bokora attempted to kidnap the would-be Princess of Rondo. In the end though Nishkov betrayed Bokora and attempted to kill him and Chuugo by making them fall off of Castle Rondo’s parapets.

Luckily Chuugo and Bokora escaped with their lives. Thanks to the efforts of Davy the Druid, the Prince of Rondo escaped with his life. Cliff Edge the Bard was the last to see Weston bravely standing off against three Draksylvanian Dragoons before he escaped.

The party met back up in Warden Moaiff’s Camp at the edge of the Rajmesan and Rondorian border. By this time Draksylvania had overrun Rondo using its newly revived Dragoon Airborne and were in the process of bringing Rondo under full Draksylvanian control. The town of Happiness which had grown into a blooming multicultural center, having denizens sponsored by the Wardens, the Cliffrunners, Rondorians and even Goblins, was ransacked by the Draksylvanians. The people living in the town had been shipped off to the Lionpaw Goblin cave and the cave had been cleared of its resident goblins and reverted to a gold mine. Bokora charged into the camp demanding the Draksylvanians return his beloved Elizabeth and fess up for their crimes. He was summarily imprisoned.

The party staged a rescue mission and freed the Happiness prisoners in the mine and saved Bokora. After reuniting, the party returned to Moaiff’s camp who informed them that he had not been able to get in contact with Weston or Montios since the day of the wedding and he feared that both may be dead. He also feared that Draksylvania had revived their dragon force through a new dragon lord in power in Draksylvania. In wake of such news the party decides that they need to grow stronger before they can return to Rondo and free it from the clutches of the Draksylvanian forces.

Chapter 3: Darklit Tunnels

Chuugo volunteers the party to return to his home country of Hosien. Having suffered from amnesia and waking on the shores of Latra, Chuugo desired to know what was going on in his ancestral home and the location of his powerfully enchanted, magic sword. Bokora leaves Elizabeth behind with Moaiff, who promises to take care of her. The party heads north to the port city of Timas where The party then hitches a ride on the Flaming Dutchman, the only ship that dared to cross the Darklit sea in the middle of the monsoon season. The captain was transporting a rare artifact to Darklit Isle and offered the party transport in exchange for security. The party on the trip fought against a tribe of Sahuagin who demanded the return of the Shark’s Tear the captain’s treasure. The party defeated the tribe and persuaded the pirate into giving them the gem and leaving his pirateering career behind. Soon after disembarking at Darklit Isle, the Flaming Dutchman exploded into flames and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

In the wake of the Flaming Dutchman, the party arrives at Darklit Town, a settlement of piratey folk, and subsequently decide to scale the Darklit Tower. Darklit Tower’s everburning flame proved too great of a temptation for Bokora who wished to forge a masterwork spear in a place of power and magic. After arriving at the top of the tower and defeating the rust monsters that resided in the ancient lighthouse, the group forged the spear in a week. At this point Bokora decided to place the Shark’s Tear gem in the spear but as he was preparing to do so, the gem was snatched from him by a shadowdancer. The party pursues the Shadowdancer in to the Deepdark.

In the underground caves the party meets Fizzlepitz, a gnome spelunker who offers to guide them through the Deepdark. After a nasty encounter with a harpoon spider the party discovers the dead body of the shadowdancer. Unable to find the gem on him and suspecting an interception, the party continues onward in their goal to reach Hosien. Fizzlepitz derails them though and takes them to the duergar city DarkIron Hold. At DarkIron Hold the party hears of a captured Warden who was exploring the Deepdark. The Warden is to be executed and from his posession, a ruby red gem, is to be given to a drow emissary from Rilauven, the drow city.

The party frees the Warden ranger and proceeds to hole up in a tavern. The emissaries arrive at town and in a heroic fashion, the ranger makes off with the gem and half the emissaries’ warrior at his tail. The party attempts to leave only to discover Dark Iron Hold’s ruler Shimmergloom. Shimmergloom allows them passage though after a brief questioning and the party continues on to Hosien.

Chapter 4: Unfortunate Memorial

In Hosien, the party makes their way to the Capital City. On the way they learn that Chuugo has been labeled a traitor by the Shogun Wu Xhen. Chuugo, afflicted with amnesia, can’t remember what he had exactly done to harm the Shogun and so the party sets out to find his uncle who can provide him with information. The party finds their uncle and learns of the history of Chuugo. Suddenly the party is apprehended by the Shogun’s men though, and Chuugo’s uncle is executed by the Shogun and the Shogun attempts to have his generals kill Chuugo but the party escapes.

The party flees west to Chuugo’s birthtown. There they discover that Chuugo’s sword has been taken by his childhood friend Minoki, in to the mountains to appease the demonic hydra that has returned to plague the village. Chuugo and the party venture into the Ezojumi mountain range where they meet the self-dubbed “Old One”. The party hears the legend of Ezojumi from the “Old One” and take on the quest to find the the Eyes of Ezojumi. They continue on to they hydra’s icy lair and face off against the monster. It is revealed soon after the defeat of the heads, the hydra was a revival of the demon Shokashira and upon its defeat Chuugo resealed it into his ancestral sword. The party then discover that the Minoki who had taken the sword into the mountains was a cultist disguised as an imposter Minoki and she escapes after warning the party that Rasper is watching them.

Chapter 5: Control of the Titans

The party continues their journey west and return the Eye of the Past to the “Old One” who reveals his true form to be a Rakshasa and reveals a dark secret about the Wardens before leaping into a inter-planar portal. The party continues on their journey through the Ezojumi Mountains and end up running from an avalanche. Cliff Edge ends up falling behind and gets overtaken by the avalanche. When he awakens he finds himself in a large underground cavern with half the remnants of a Titan. He is able to retrieve the Titan’s data disc and the party helps him get out and continue.

The party arrives in Leafdale Forest a region of the Titan’s Run where they find that a group of elves living there are defending their forest from Vaknian mercenaries attempting to break into their sacred temple and on the way, destroy their peaceful settlement.



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