The Story So Far...Pt.4

Chapter 6 Cont.

Misrov informs the party that the Titan Control Panel, now completed, must be activated from within the titan to bring it to life. The party formulates a plan to infiltrate the Titan overlooking Nomeria. The party heads out at night and manage to sneak past the guards. They infiltrate the foot of the titan and proceed to make their way through the infrastructure of the construct.

The party consists of the regular group, Mathias, Fhelen and some Wolfhounds alongside Misrov. When the party find the head of the titan, they discover a command desk and Misrov begins inputting commands with the Titan Control Panel. Suddenly the Titan when awakening opens its eyes revealing an image of Mjolnir who chastises the mortals for trying to activate his Titan. He then proceeds to consume Misrov in a tube of fire and implants Misrov’s soul into the body of the Titan.

Misrov proceeds to destroy Nomeria using the massive Titan body, and the party fights the core of the massive colossus. Fhelen during the fight reveals that he and the Wolfhounds are actually cultists and that they had planned for Misrov to destroy Nomeria and Dragonhold. The party manages to defeat Misrov though and deactivate the titan, but not before Antonius in dragon form is killed by Misrov. Misrov uses the broken council tower to skewer Antonius like a butterfly and tosses his corpse a little bit away from Nomeria.

The titan when deactivated crashes on top of Nomeria crushing a large portion of the city. The city of Nomeria devastated, the Titan Control Panel destroyed and Fhelen’s warning that the Gredixian Empire will march against Dragonhold leaves the party tired, despairing and homebound.



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