The Story so Far...Pt. 6

Chapter 8. Demons from the Past

The party then set out for Hosien, flying over the mountains and landing in the capital. The party are almost immediately apprehended by the Shogun’s guards and escorted to the palace. Left in a room alone with the Shogun the party prods the Emperor want to be for information. The Shogun relates his story of Chuugo, adding that Chuugo stole Minoki from him who he loved immensely. He then alludes to the idea that Minoki is still alive and influencing his actions. The party realize that the cultists are using a Minoki imposter to control the Shogun and attack! Davy seals the doors by morphing the wood of the palace and Chuugo and the Shogun face each other in combat. The shogun is aided by shadow demons in suits of armor but the party prevails!

Chuugo then takes the sword of the Shogun in his hand, the legendary blade of Bahamut. Bahamut then provides Chuugo with a vision of his past. It is revealed to Chuugo that he is not the real Chuugo! He was a child when he witnessed the public execution of the real Chuugo, a childhood hero. The Shogun promptly banned all media relating to the great general Chuugo but the young boy carried out his own rebellion by hunting these texts down and absorbing them fanatically.

The original Chuugo died A.S. 822 at the age of 27. 20 years later, the new Chuugo, a young fisherman on a sea voyage, washes up on shore when his fishing ship is violently sundered by a sea monster (See: Leviathan). When he awakens he believes himself to be the true Chuugo due to serious head trauma. This explains why the Hydra resurfaced (because of the death of the true Chuugo) and why Chuugo is so young compared to the Shogun who he should be the same age of.

Bahamut then bestows the divine mandate upon Chuugo, choosing him for the destiny of becoming Emperor of all of Hosien. The Emperor’s sword in hand, Chuugo takes control of Northern Hosien only to find it in ruins, crippled by the Shogun’s mad war lust. Chuugo proceeds to slowly rebuild Hosien and orders the troops fighting in Southern Hosien to return home. He also begins peace talks with the other Hosienese Shoguns to try and form an alliance and he asks for aid, a request which they foolishly deny.

The party prepare their plans for the coming battle. Scree commissions a mass order of ballista and catapults to fight the Gredixians. The party visit the Larethion elves and ask them for aid in the coming battle to which they are given an ambiguous answer. The party also check the temple of Larethion to see if they can enlist Lifebloom’s help, but find that like Indra she has dissappeared. Cliff Edge busies himself building two adamantium cobras, which are ridiculously impossible to kill to low level peons and which he plans will decimate the enemy’s ground forces. Davy rallies the wolves of the forests to aid him. Brakov drills the Knights of Dragonhold and Chuugo continues requesting aid from Hosien.

The people are uneasy and fear the worst of the coming war. Scree though has a backup plan. He has the dwarven mining team prepare escape tunnels for the people in the mine, so if things get bad the people can escape through the mine and into the Deepdark. Marshall Alexi volunteers to help lead the people, and Scree entrusts her with explosives that will seal the mine providing the civilians time to escape. Finally Scree also provides his Castellan with an explosive charge that will level the cliff and cause it to collapse burying all of Dragonhold under it, and killing the Gredixian army. This is a last ditch measure though and Scree prays that it will never come to that.



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