The Story so Far...pt.8

Chapter 10. March on Gredixia

The dragons of Dragonhold, Indra, Zephyr and Dragona preserve Antonius’s corpse in a giant diamond set in to the ground outside of Dragonhold keep. It is said at night that Antonius’s ghostly figure can still be seen walking his resting place.

The barons of Savel proceed to sign a peace treaty recreating the old kingdom of Savel in the presence of the Lords of Dragonhold. The baron of Debrac then gifts the Eye of the Future to Brakov and immediately after is killed by a falling boulder. Brakov unifies the Eye of the Future with his spear completing the Spear of Ezojumi. The Savellan army chooses to hold back their march on Gredixia until after the planned Spring Festival. The party proceeds to fund the rebuilding and fixing of the keep as well as the celebratory funds for the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival is a time of merriment, a turn around from the tense events of the war. During the Spring Festival, Knight Captain Mathias proposes to Corn. Corn accepts the engagement to which Krade warns that upon his death, Mathias will have to take up the title of Baron Vakni.

Also during the Spring Festival, Krade confronts Brakov about Shelly, the maid he had given a child to during his stay in Vakni. Krade demands that Brakov take responsibility as the father. Brakov then reveals his own pseudo-marriage to Elizabeth. After a heated discussion between Krade and the rest of the party, Brakov decides to confess to his wife about his adulterous relationship. At the same time the nymph Brakov had impregnated in Larethion’s Woods returns to Dragonhold toting Brakov’s newborn half-fey baby. When Brakov confesses his adulterous behavior to Elizabeth and Shelly they both proceed to fight each other. As the party manages to calm them both down, Chuugo reveals to both of them Brakov’s relation with the nymph fully throwing the situation out the window.

Shelly stomps out and Krade offers to provide her a home and raise the child. Brakov accepts and pays Krade to do so. Elizabeth meanwhile locks herself up in her room and refuses to speak to Brakov. Cliff Edge adopts the half-fey daughter as his own and Corn personally grows to like her. Weston offers to teach Corn how to use her sorcerer powers through lessons in magic.

Brakov hosts a knight’s tournament to try and recruit new soldiers for the Knights of Dragonhold. During the tournament Elizabeth mysteriously disappears along with Brakov’s first born son. Brakov is approached by a cultist during the tournament and the cultist tells him that they have kidnapped Elizabeth and his first born. The cultist, Anth who the party had met two years before in the goblin caves, invites Brakov to try and stop them from realizing their ultimate plan in Draksylvania. Brakov questions what their plans are but Anth disappears.

The Savellan Army then begin their march upon the Gredixian empire, reinforced by the Knights of Peros who have sent a march against the Gredixians. The Wardens meanwhile undertake an expedition into the Underworld to combat a growing threat underground.

The party joins the Savellan army in destroying the Gredixians and in discovering what the enigmatic Labyrinth Engine truly is. After a few day’s march the army reaches the Gredixian Empire’s clifftop fortress. While the main part of the army distracts the forces of Gredix, Krade instructs the heroes to assault the main tower and kill the Gredixian emperor who is sure to be holed up within.

The party scouts the Gredixian city before proceeding inside the tower. After some exploration they find the Emperor of Gredix, a black minotaur in full golden plate armor. Wielding a great axe in either hand the Emperor is a formidable opponent in melee. The party fights his guards while striking him with powerful ranged magic. The Emperor though uses the power of the miasma to kill his own soldiers and power himself. The party finally manages to kill the Gredixian Emperor using a wall of fire and other magical methods. Upon inspection they find that he was heavily strengthened by miasma, a new strain that causes a curse upon those who are afflicted by it.

The party then proceed to help the army fighting the Gredixians on the ground and clean up quickly. The army then loots the fortress and Cliff Edge manages to find a secret door behind the Emperor’s throne leading to a strange control panel room. He finds a sword made of gold within which he takes. Upstairs the party finds the Labyrinth Engine shaped like a giant cube with a glowing circular entrance. The party also find a spirit like entity that claims it is the personification of the Labyrinth engine. Cliff Edge uses the sword and the control panel room to activate the Gredixian Fortress. The Gredixian Fortress turns into a giant tower on spider legs that proceeds to make its way across the Suntouched Plains towards Dragonhold.

The party decide to use the tower to transport their army to Draksylvania and to use the Gredixian weapon against the cultists in the final battle before destroying it.



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