The Story so Far...Pt.9

Chapter 11. Turning the Labyrinth Engine

The party rallies its forces of Perotian knights, Wardens, Dragonhold knights and some of the Savellan army who volunteer to fight. With the Gredixian Tower, the party loads their army into the tower and proceed to set sail into the Sardonian strait determined to reach Rajmesa and then Rondo and finally Draksylvania.

Halfway to Rajmesa though the Gredixian tower stops moving. Cliff Edge and party investigate. They find out that the Labyrinth Engine which fuels the tower requires innocent “good” souls to run. The party then learn that the Labyrinth Engine is a portal to the Abyss where powerful evil demons lurk. A mighty balor signed a pact with Gredix, to feed on the innocent souls and cough up fiendish creatures in exchange.

The party use an eccentric fishing method to pull the balor out from the Abyss, unknowingly unleashing his demonic army upon the world. The party find themselves outmatched by the powerful demon but quickly come up with a plan. They decide to have a competition with the balor. If the party wins, the balor must return to the Abyss as well as hand over his demonic sword to Chuugo. If the party loses, the balor and his armies will crush Farline under their heel, and the balor will stuff Chuugo like a friendly farmer and an uncooperating goat. Cliff Edge challenges the balor to a dance off.

The demon puts on a majestic performance that blows the roof off of the Gredixian tower and sets it on fire. Cliff Edge though dances so gracefully that the very heavens take note. The judges, comprising of Weston, a nalfeshnee, and the Labyrinth Engine’s personification decide that Cliff Edge wins.

The balor seems to give up honorably but tricks the party member and proceeds to attack them. The party begin to fight the demonic horde when suddenly the skies part and a solar angel alights with an entourage of archons trailing him. The solar angel, attracted by Cliff Edge’s dance proceeds to banish the balor for one hundred years while his archons drive back the demons. The solar angel then tells Cliff Edge the planar location of heaven and lets him know that he’s actually quite popular there. He then floats away…

The Labyrinth Engine, now fueled by a neutral electrical force, continues its route to Rajmesa. The party arrives at the Grand Prison and are greeted by Moaiff who informs them that his soldiers are willing to help the party. After picking up the Warden army, the Gredixian fortress begins its final march towards Castle Rondo, and Draksylvania.



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