Indra is a great green dragon Scree met and befriended in the Wild Lands south of Rondo. Indra is older than many of the dragons the group has met, having links back to the war between Nozlordu and Perros. When Scree traveled to the Goblin Empire and met her, she was content to be left alone, picking off goblins and living away from the rest of the world. Part of the cultists ploy to gain the trust of the goblins was the promise to help eliminate the dragon threat. Scree sought out Indra and asked her to aid him in the defeat of the cultists and leave the goblins alone. In the end, she agreed to help Scree in exchange of him preventing the cultists from trying to do away with her and Scree and his goblins would always provide her with food and a place to live. She also promised to watch over the goblins and Scree’s wife Brielle and, if Scree found another dragon to accompany the group, she would join them on their quest. After the construction of the Dragon Keep, Indra moved into an upper room in the cliff face, where she lives in quiet luxury, watching over the keep and its day to day routines while the group is away.

Indra disappears over a winter stretch to a great meeting of the dragons. There, she fights and kills her mother, taking her place as Lorinthia’s Herald. She returns in the middle of the Gredixian siege and provides some of the key turning point in the siege. She takes up residence in her mother’s tower where she continues to watch over Lorinthia’s woods and Dragonhold.


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