Druid of the Woods


After Farline

After many adventures with his fellow party members, Davy decided that although he enjoyed the adventure life, he had other plans to attend to.
Davy used his last remaining bits of gold earned from the last few epic battles to gather the necessary materials to give intelligence to a set of bears in the nearby forest. Davy had previously hid in this forest by manipulating the wood of a tree’s roots to create a form of fortress. It was that spot that he began construction on a new mansion made from the manipulation of the wood in the trees. Because the trees were still alive during the manipulation, the mansion itself would continue to grow and expand as the years would go by.

But back to the gathering of materials for intelligent bears. With these magical materials Davy created a small race of intelligent bears to live in the soon to be Beartown in this forest.
What Davy was really establishing with these bears was a new race. He worked over the many ways it could be done; creating a sentient race of animals and all, bears presented the most logical of all animals. Wolves came in a close 2nd and are still in the running for being the next race if bears fail.
What occurred was that the sentient bears when they would reproduce, sentient bears would be their offspring. Davy then sat and guided and protected this young race of bears alongside Lord Bearington. Alongside this race Davy had simultaneously created a secretive organization called the Bear Pact. Davy is the only known human among the bear pact. The activities of this organization range from recruitment of more bears both sentient and non, and investigations on flushing out evils of the world. But more importantly after the Gridixian incident, the pact is meant to keep a watchful eye on the other races as a security measure. The Pact is meant to subdue any race or empire becoming as evil as the gridixians, but due to the small size of the pact at this early stage, all they can do is observe…and wait in patience for the Pact’s time to strike on threats.
After all of the above Davy constructed on final piece to the new race and almost bear Country, Beartown soon became Bearcity, and as any city it needs protection. So Davy created 20 foot wooden walls around the city three feet thick of wood.
And last but not least Davy created the great Bear throne and Druid throne side by side in his living wooden mansion. In each he carved the histories and details of why the throne was created and what battles took place in Davy’s history. Davy then fused the thrones to the wooden floor and dubbed Lord Bearington the first Bear King of Bear City. And that Davy would be his guiding and protecting druid.
From that point on Bearington still rules Bearcity alongside Davy. But the next druid and bear will be chosen in the next few years, at the end of the bear’s life and the druid’s that is.
As a last and final mark on the world Davy inducted the only other human into the bear pact and that was his son. Davy had journeyed to a small monk monastery to find a pure hearted orphan boy to become the first messenger of the bears. The messengers of the bears would become another organization to be the intermediary force between Bearcity and other countries. Each member of the bear messengers would train in the ways of the monk and fight evil at any cost and protect Bearcity until death. Davy’s son was the first Bear Messenger. To this Davy’s son has a tattoo of a bear claw on his back signifying his allegiance and dedication to the protection of Bearcity and it’s citizens.
Curennt Bear population of Bear City: 2,923 Current Druid Guild Population in Bearcity: 237


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