Halifax Hucksberry and Gumshoe

A man and his pig. Doing the impossible


Human Commoner 4/Druid 1 with Pig Animal Companion (wolf stats with Toughness Feat instead of tripping ability).

HP: 29 AC: 8, Touch AC: 8, Flat Footed AC: 8 Attack: Hoe (Light Mace) +4, 1d6+1, x2 crit

Str: 13 Con: 14 Dex:7 Int:8 Wis: 12 Cha: 13

BAB: +2 Fort: +4 Ref: -1 Will: +3

Skills: Profession (Farmer) +13, Handle Animal +9

Feats: Skill Focus (Profession Farmer), Skill Focus (Handle Animal), Weapon Focus (Light Mace), Endurance Features: Nature Bond, Nature Sense, Wild Empathy Spells Prepared: Know Direction, Purify Food and Drink x2, Speak with Animals x2


Halifax Hucksberry was just your average farmer living in the town of Happiness prior to the Draksylvanian takeover of Rondo. Every day he would farm his little dirt patch, whistle at pretty women, and spend the rest of his day taking care of his pet pig named Gumshoe. He was an ugly fellow, never the life of a party, and was fairly broke. Halifax managed to get by. Gumshoe was all he needed.

Then the adventurers came to Happiness. They seemed like nice folk with their wanting to fix up the town and let goblins run around and whatnot. He didn’t really care as long as Gumshoe and him were left alone. They soon left, and life continued on for Halifax the same as it always had.

Until the Draksylvanians came.

The soldiers captured the town by force. They took all the villagers had. Honestly, Halifax didn’t have a lot to give to them. The soldiers then proceeded to take his pig and force him to work in the mines. This made Halifax miserable. For days and days he toiled in the mines, thinking about Gumshoe and how Happiness really wasn’t that great anyway.

Eventually the adventurers came back and started a big battle riot outside the mines, allowing the captured slaves to flee. Halifax took that as his cue to run like hell. Somehow he found Gumshoe and sneaked back to his house to find most of it ransacked. He gathered up a backpack full of his remaining food, some clothes, and some silver he kept under the floorboards. Happiness was now behind Halifax and Gumshoe. Surely things would get better.

He decided to hike to castle Rondo, figuring the king would like to know about all of this. As he walked through the forest, he felt an odd connection to the woods he’d never known before. The animals seemed a lot nicer, and even Gumshoe was being less cranky than usual. He eventually made his way to the Draksylvanian occupied Castle Rondo, decided that he liked not dying, and turned the other way, wandering the world of Farline.

While Halifax’s current whereabouts are unknown, it is assumed he headed north because he noticed if he focused really hard, a little magic hand would point him north. He is still getting used to his Druidic abilities, but has been greatly amused by his Speak with Animals spell, which he uses to have conversations with Gumshoe, who is barely doing his duty as an animal companion. As to why Halifax keeps exploring, he’s really just looking for a stable country to restart his crappy farm and live another peaceful life.

Halifax Hucksberry and Gumshoe

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