The New Goblin Emperor


Scree is a white goblin with no ties and no memories of his past. Having been the only white goblin he could find, Scree wandered Rondo on his own for several years until his chance encounter with what would become Swords, Daggers, and Dance. After reaching the town of Happiness, Scree proclaimed himself an advocate of a Goblin God. With the three remaining goblin tribes of happiness firmly behind him and his new Goblin Bible, Scree traveled south to the wild lands, having heard rumors of a goblin nation secreted away. Deep into the wild lands, he found it fractured and warring with itself under the influence of several cultists and a great green dragon, Indra.

It was here he discovered his true lineage. White goblins were long descendants of the first goblin emperor and his demigod lover. The goblins had lacked an emperor for several hundred years and Scree’s appearance stirred much controversy. Many of the goblin tribes sought to follow Scree, but Rasper’s followers bred unrest. The cultists planned to flood the cavern sending the thousands of souls to feed their master, but Scree made a deal with Indra and they collapsed a section of the cavern killing the cultists and solidifying Scree’s dominion. It was here Scree met and befriended, Brielle, a half-elf trapped by the cultists. After defeating the cultists, Scree and Brielle married and she is now expecting a child. Brielle stayed behind under the protection of the unified goblins and higher protective powers. Upon returning to Happiness, he finds Rondo’s destruction. He eventually reunites with his companions and begins building of the Dragon keep in eastern Gnomeria.

Scree and the party return to Hosienese. There, they discovered that Chuugo was a fisherman who believed himself to be Chuugo and eventually became the legendary warrior. They killed the emperor and Bahamut blessed Chuugo and named him the emperor of Hosien. They freed Gunjo from the prison their and he joined Scree on in Dragonhold. Some time later, Scree traveled with Marshal Alexi to Rilaven where he hires more palace guards and the necromancer Enatu and the shadow jumper Cedel.

The Gredixian Empire led a massive siege against Dragonhold. Scree and his companions held back the Gredixians until their allies arrived. They drove the Gredixians back to their tower. While their allies engaged the armies of Gredix, Scree and the party flew to the top of the tower and fought with the emperor. Upon his death, they discovered the tower was mobile. The group returned to Dragonhold to celebrate their victory, but their joy was short lived. Elizabeth and her child were kidnapped by cultists. With their combined armies, the party marched on Rondo and then Draksylvania. In Rondo, they killed Nishkov. In the ruins of Castle Rondo, they found Elizabeth near death and Irina, Brakhov’s sister.

They continued to Draksylvania, into the heart of Mt. Alexandros. There, they finally confronted Rasper. Rasper freezes the party and Scree and Gunjo moved to stand alongside him. In exchange for his family’s safety, Scree kept tabs on the party for Rasper, who reveals himself to be Montios. Montios gives Scree a kife and tells him to kill Brakhov’s child to reawaken Deathgaze the black greatwyrm.

Scree raises the knife, then plunges it into Montios’ back claiming that he killed Elizabeth who was family. Montios tips back into the volcano and they send Brakhov’s child.away inside MechaDragona. Suddenely, a great beast rose from the lava to stand over the alter. Once again, the party had to fight off Rasper. Davy reversed the gravity around Rasper’s limbs the the party smashed his limbs, flinging him back into the lava. A third time, Rasper climbed from the pit. Lord Bearington died from a lightning attack and Cliff Edge, near death was teleported to the plane of heaven. The remaining party smashes Rasper’s limbs and finally throw him from the cliff. In his place, Montios hangs on the edge, begging for his life. Not willing to risk it, Brakhov stabs him, sending him over the cliff. As he falls, he screams I curse you.

The party fled as the volcano erupted laying waste to the Draksylvanian capitol. As they flew away, the party was imersed in Montios’s and Rasper’s memories. They discover that the “Gods” left farline long ago and the entire plan was dependent on Rasper.

The party was unable to find Anth who had Brakhov’s other child. The party returns to Dragonhold where they celebrate their victory. As the years go by, Brakhov could never find their child. Davy immortalized Bearington and created a Druidic Bear community in New Draksylvania. Chuugo and his aide Kim were married by Scree and he began rebuilding his country. Cliff Edge planeswalked out of Farline. Corn and Matthias were married.

As the years progressed, Scree became ill and Enatu and Cliff and Davy could do nothing about it. Scree died and was buried in his adamantium room. Outside it, etched in the walls of the hallway, were his history with Cliff, Brakhov, and the others. He left control of the keep to Matthias. With his wealth accumulated through his endeavors as a landlord, Scree set up a council consisting of Corn, Matthias, Grimes(his new costellan), Gunjo, and Bigguns. Upon his death they became the custodians of his wealth. They council commissioned buisinesses to increase its wealth and eventually initiated a reverse tax in Dragonhold.


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