Church of Peros

“In Peros we lay our fate. The destiny of men is best left in his hands.”
~ Bishop Alderos


The Church of Peros is the governing body of the country of Elitay. Made up of the most devoted followers of Peros, the Church lays down the interpreted will of the sun god Peros. The Church of Peros also commands the Knights of Peros and defers only to the Grandson of Peros.


The Church of Peros are made up of a menagerie of races. Perotian worship extends far across Farline and the ranks of the church are made up of all sorts of intelligent races. The Perotian Church welcomes all devotees of Peros into the fold, though actual training in the church is ardous. Religious studies and training in divine magic is integral in the Church.

Clerics and monks make up a large portion of the church. Oracles are rare but still welcome in the church. Martial classes aren’t seen very much in the church as they are usually part of the Knights of Peros.


Most clerics of the church begin their training in their childhood and only end their training deep into middle age. The training of a cleric of Peros varies greatly and is watched over by a mentoring bishop. Training can amount to copying religious tomes in the cloistered library or field training as part of a march.

Older individuals usually aren’t allowed in to the church or at least not trained past novitate level. Many good willed individuals are turned away from the church and instead are asked to join the Knights of Peros or just provide donations to the church.


Archbishop: The leading bishop of the church who holds sovereignty over the church and its actions. The Archbishop is the second most powerful man in Elitay (arguably the entire Gateways) and deals with the fate of the Perotian religion on a daily basis. The Archbishop is second in authority only to the Grandson of Peros and acts as his link in the church. The Archbishop’s duties are related to maintaining the church and the Perotian religion. This ranges from economic functions such as taxes to military functions such as declaring crusades and commanding marches.

Bishop: Bishops in the church of Peros are the leaders of the Perotian religion. Usually Bishops are elected from a pool of priests of the religion, recommended and nominated by bishops in the church. The bishops form a college that acts as a senate, governed and led by the Archbishop who is also elected from the bishops by the bishops. All bishops have a group of novitiates they mentor as well as command over a march, an inquisitor and a group of priests.

Priest: A pastor, a cleric, or a full fledged brother of the Church. Priests make up the bulk of the church. Novitates who have completed their training, priests handle several duties for the church. From raising funds to acting as missionaries and even serving in the army as medics.

Novitiate: Even the lowliest novitiate in the Church of Peros commands authority in the Golden City and beyond. Novitiates are recruits and priest trainees in the Church of Peros.

Saint: A title usually given post-mortem. The saints of the Perotian religion are great heroes of the church and are honored in the history books and sermons of the church. The Saints of Peros also have formed an offshoot religion mainly followed by the Rondorians.


In combat clerics of Peros usually wear medium armor or light armor depending on the task appointed them. Most clerics who march with the Knights of Peros wear light armor so they can serve the role of combat medic to the fullest. More independent clerics usually wear medium armor.

The clerics of Peros do not usually go into combat alone. They are usually accompanied by like-minded good individuals or Knights of Peros who do most of the heavy-lifting for them. They themselves use supporting magic to aid themselves or their allies.


No Heresy

The Church of Peros is notorious for its heavy handed policies concerning heresy or possible heresy. The Church is especially afraid of necromancy due to Elitay’s proximity to the Dead Wastes. This fear stems to arcane magic in general, and because of this most priests of Peros are disdainful of arcane casters or at least suspicious of them. Because of this disdain for arcane magic Elitay is the only country lacking a tower formed by the Wizard’s Union. The Church of Peros is also in a constant rivalry with The Wardens. Though they have come to a small understanding. The Church of Peros opposes all undead and the Wardens hunt the extra planar. Sometimes though the extra planar includes more celestial beings, to which the Wardens show no restraint.

Loving Father

The Perotian religion is very popular. Even beyond Elitay and the Gateways, missionaries have spread the word and variants of Peros worship has popped up such as the Saints in Rondo. In Elitay devotion to Peros is commonplace, even among the peasants.



Wizard’s Union: Arcane and divine magic collide in the suspicious exchanges of the Church of Peros and the Wizard’s Union. Though the Wizard’s Union was formed in response to the witch hunts of the 200’s, and organized spell casters in Farline into a governable organization the Church still suspects the Union. This may stem from the Church fearing a large, growing group of spellcasters. The rumor that the Union also secretly practices necromancy and gathers powerful necromancers doesn’t help.

Church of Peros

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