Established in A.S. 842. Dragonhold is a large keep built into the side of the cliffs at the border of Larethion’s Woods. The keep was commissioned by the party a.k.a the Lords of Dragonhold and built with the help of Antonius. The base of the party made up of Cliff Edge, Chuugo, Scree, Davy and Bokora. The keep derives its name from the number of Dragons who reside at the Keep or are affiliated with it i.e. Dragonna, Indra and the late Antonius.


The keep is made from stone and wood and half of it juts out from the face of the cliff it is built into. The other half goes deeper into the cliff making the keep a highly defensible position. The structure of the keep is such that it can only be attacked from the front but also makes it vulnerable to being attacked from the roof which can be accessed from the cliff.

The keep consists of 2 basic bedrooms, 2 suites, 1 common area, 1 stables, a roost for dragons, 5 storage rooms, a swimming area for the mermaid the party rescued, 1 fancy bath, 2 regular baths, 2 kitchens and 1 dining area.

The keep consists of 3 floors, one basement, and has secret hallways and rooms that have different uses, such as a torture chamber.


The keep is split into two districts, an inner square area that has a masonry wall defending it and an outer common district where the common people live, defended by gatehouses and a large wall.

In the inner district is a mine, manned by the Stronghammer dwarf clan from Boria. An alchemist’s shop and doctor’s clinic is also in the inner district. A forge is also in the inner district run by two dwarven brothers, who specialize in armor and weaponry respectively.

Mine: 800 g/week
Tavern: 400 g/week
Clinic: 50 g/week


The population consists of about 200 slaves, who were freed from Varicistan by the party. Lord Scree made them citizens of Dragonhold, a status that made them almost indentured servants but with greater rights. 700 refugees from Nomeria also live in Dragonhold, having fleed there when the city was crushed by the Titan.

30 Strongmine Dwarves live in the keep as well having come there to prospect in the mineral-rich earth. Some elves fleeing the racial tension in Vakni also live in Dragonhold. 60 or so goblin live in the keep as well serving as a guard force taking night and day watches. About 30 gnolls also live in Dragonhold. 25 Wolfhound Knights, 25 Wardens, and 40 Knights of Peros have a base in the keep.

Total Population: 1110



Castellan – Indra, the green dragon watches over the keep when the party is gone. Indra is powerful, territorial and old. A perfect guardian. But her temperament sometimes gets to her, and she is prone to leave to heed the call of nature or other dragons.

Constable – Gobber, a short goblin who loves nothing better than upholding the law. Forgetful as most goblins are, Gobber sometimes ends up making up his own laws. He’s fiercely loyal to his lord though and that’s what counts in the end.

Deputy – Mugg, a lanky muscled gnoll. Mugg clashed blades with the party members, and was taken prisoner and tortured for information. The rack left his limbs stretched out, but Mugg wanting to repent for fighting for the Gredixians, took the position of deputy as a reformed citizen. Mugg is the heavy muscle behind Gobber’s orders, and when the constable is shown disrespect, Mugg steps in. A popular phrase around Dragonhold goes “Be careful with your gob or you might get mugged.”

Reeve – Hans, in charge of the farmers of Dragonhold. Hans has had the most experience out of the other farmers at Dragonhold. His previous occupation, before being captured by slavers was carrot farming and he prides himself on his good harvest. He organizes the farmers of the keep and makes sure everybody’s fed, even when he has to provide from his own table.

Chamberlain – Hack, mysterious and secretive. Lord Scree appointed Hack as his chamberlain and hasn’t regretted the decision since. An old goblin and one of the first goblins to arrive at Dragonhold, Hack is sometimes known to appear out of nowhere and monitors all that happens in the keep. Rarely does anything get by the goblin when he is alert, though he is known to have a bit of tunnel vision making it easy to distract him.

Bailiff – Tobias, an elder among the slaves of Nomeria, and therefore an elder among the first citizens of Dragonhold. Tobias is in a way the mayor of Dragonhold, and the leader of the common people. He makes sure the people are satisfied and happy and as a result in line. Has a fear of goblins leading him to be jittery around Lord Scree who he usually reports to.


Knight Captain – Captain Malcolm, commander of the Knights of Peros stationed at Dragonhold. Malcolm is dedicated to duty but sometimes held back by bureaucracy as was the case with Inquisitor Goodberry. Malcolm previously dealt with the party asking them to investigate the monster in the sewers of Nomeria. He views the party in high regards and sees them as champions of good.

Templar – Aldous Knight, a templar of the Knights of Peros. Aldous was sent to Dragonhold to investigate and apprehend Inquisitor Goodberry. Aldous was then ordered to monitor the keep in lieu of the deceased Goodberry as well as prepare for a battle with the Gredixians. Aldous is an older veteran of the Knights. The right side of his face is heavily scarred, the skin blackened and dead, a wound from his years serving in the marches.

Head Warden – Masuf, head warden of the Wardens stationed at Dragonhold. Masuf is young for a head warden, but was chosen by Warden Moaiff in Rajmesa. Masuf is a distant nephew of Moaiff’s family and an ardent Malifist. He fears the Gredixian threat from the west and has asked for reinforcements from Rajmesa in dealing with the clearly fiend-empowered Gredixians.

Marshall – Alexisoranad Moonlock, called Alexi by most who know her. Alexi is a dark elf from Rilauven. Like most drow in the Wardens, Alexi was lowborn or house-less in Rilauven and decided that the Wardens was a better career choice then fighting in the streets or for the warring houses in the drow city. Alexi knows the Deepdark like the back of her hand and was made a Marshall for her ability to range through the dark underworld with speed and ease.

Wolfhound Commander – Morgan Dread, commander of the Wolfhounds stationed at Dragonhold. She pursued Cliff Edge back to Dragonhold and has attempted on many occasions to begin a relationship with the elven bard but has been rejected everytime. She remains persistent though and fills her days with the training of the Wolfhounds.


Kalendros: An elven merchant from Elitay. He passes through the keep on a monthly basis with a varying retinue of other merchants, keeping the town supplied from the outside.

Diedrick: Falconer and petmaster at Dragonhold. He has a lot of work and is always busy dealing with the many pets left behind by the party. Because of this he ends up having a lot of stress and chest pain.

Knights of Dragonhold

See Knights of Dragonhold


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