“And in that way, mere slime became concious.”

Attributes of Jaglim

Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Community(Family), Charm
Patron Deity of: Community, Kindness, Generosity
Aliases: The Father Ooze

The Origin of Jaglim

Over 400 years ago, Jaglim was a mindless ooze used as waste disposal for a rather malicious wizard. Besides dropping strange chemicals and used up magic items, he’s also chuck in his rivals, intruders, or even just people who he despised.

This continued for two decades, and during those two decades Jaglim started to change. While not sentient, snippets of spell formula, chemical compounds, and even brief memories were absorbed along with the trash. He fully awakened when he digested the body of a cleric of Peros who opposed the wizard. This cleric’s hope and kindness overwhelmed and encompassed Jaglim, finally pushing him into the early steps of sapience.

The ooze eventually learned how to alter its body, eating its way through the stone shaft it was kept in. By this time the wizard had been dead for at least two years allowing for Jaglim to roam free without the worry of his master returning to harm him. Still barely smarter than a preschooler, it began to wander the nearby woods, trying to help others as much as it could.

Jaglim was quite powerful and easily aided travelers against roving monsters, some of which were past creations of the wizard. Unfortunately, most mistook the ooze for a monster, forcing it to flee at the first sign of confrontation. As time passed some people began to suspect the ooze was no so monstrous, but a benevolent caretaker. These people began following it out into the woods, seeking it intentionally. They tried to teach it how to speak, but speaking came naturally to Jaglim, the basics of the languages having been absorbed by him long ago when he was used as a disposal system. After accessing several lives worth of knowledge, he began to teach back, attracting more and more followers who were not horrified by his form.

It reknewed its quest of kindness and generosity, but now these were actual beliefs, not hollow echos of dead ones. He sent his followers out into Farline, to perform acts of kindess for the sake of kindness, while others decided to errect a city with Jaglim’s help, an Eden guarded by powerful slimes spawned by Jaglim himself. Dead bodies of the faithful were returned to Jaglim, increasing his capabilities further, each personality still remaining within, but part of something greater


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