“To create, is to give birth to life.” ~ Loremaster Davendar

Larethion is the goddess of life and natural growth. Her domain extends to the growth of sprawling forests as well as to nutritious crops. Farmers and woodsmen alike give praise to Larethion before commencing their day’s work. Larethion is also worshiped by druids as the mother of the forest and is the patron deity of woodland elves. She is depicted as an elven woman wrapped in a shawl of leaves, but also as a huntress keeping the fragile balance of nature in check. Larethion was a powerful contender during the Divine Wars, using her control over plant life to call forests from as if out of nowhere, squelch enemies with packs of ferocious animals and her relentless hunting bow.


Followers of Larethion tend to be elves, druids or outcasts of society on purpose or by force who embrace her free wheeling spirit of full life connection. Dig it man? Hunters and rangers also worship her hunting aspect side, calling upon her primal essence to fuel themselves.

She has her own personal domain and point of focal power in the Titan’s Run in Larethion’s woods. There her temple is guarded by a line of green dragons, who can summon her wrath on those who would think of destroying her precious woods.


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