“Better you take another route friend. Those woods will lead you for a merry run.”
~ Latran warning

Latra is a woodland country sandwhiched between Elitay and Rondo. Covered in trees, lakes, streams and wildlife Latra is nature at its best in The Gateways.

Latra was once said to the be the domain of a mighty queen from the fey realm during the divine wars. Even after the Sealing and the recession of the fey presence in the region, much of Latra’s countryside is permeated with residual fey magic. This has given Latra’s forests the nickname of “The Enchanted Woods”. Many guides warn against traveling through Latra as its mischievous invisible denizens can lead parties astray for months at a time.

There is no government that rules Latra. It is a free country where people can live in solitude as long as they don’t get in their neighbor’s hair. These neighbors besides the remnants of an ancient fey kingdom, include magical creatures dangerous and docile as well as territorial elves, suspicious gnomes and archaic druid enclaves.

Latra is considered by many gnomes to be their homeland on Farline and many woodland gnomes can be found in villages and settlements there.

Cities And Settlements in Latra

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