“By fire and steel, my friends prosper and my enemies die!”
~ Mjolnir’s Oath

Mjolnir is the god of fire and inorganic creation. During the wars of Creation Mjolnir was one of the deities fought over for allegiance. Mjolnir attempted to remain neutral throughout the wars of creation, serving only as a manufacturer of weapons. Like his worshipers, Mjolnir provided the instruments of war to his fellows and didn’t use them himself, though he was known for his wrath when provoked. Mjolnir was a master craftsman and is the patron god of blacksmiths.

Mjolnir’s Creations

Mjolnir is credited with the creation of The Titans.

Mjolnir also crafted The Grand Dark Gate


Mjolnir’s followers consist of craftsman, mostly blacksmiths, masons, architects, miners, smelters and other related career choices. The followers of Mjolnir aren’t as pronounced as the followers of Peros or Nozlordu. Mjolnir is after all not one of the major gods, and most of his followers are neutral salesman much like the celestial blacksmith himself. The greatest followers of Mjolnir are the Dwarves, the most dedicated worshipers carrying around their favorite smithing hammer at all times.

Mjolnir’s appearance varies and is up to interpretation. He is usually described as a humanoid being set aflame and is usually depicted working at a forge or smiting those who stand against him with fire. There is much debate, usually in taverns, between pious followers of Mjolnir whether or not he’s a dwarf or a human.


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