“Do not fear the death Nozlordu promises; in it the cruel game of the gods shall be at an end.”
~ Cult of the Laughing Skull Member

Nozlordu, also known as the Dark Void, is the polar opposite of Peros. Nozlordu and Peros were the two gods who dominated the Pantheon during the war games of Creation. Eventually all the gods chose sides with either Nozlordu or Peros. Nozlordu’s strove to consume all of Farline in his never dying hunger. In the beginning Nozlordu played the war games but grew to despise the frailty of life on Farline. His minions grew to become powerful necromancers and warlocks and he himself made pacts with extraplanar outsiders and deals with denizens of the Abyss to serve him and crush all living life. The gods charged Nozlordu with cheating in the games and in response Nozlordu retorted that the games were a mockery of the celestial being of the gods. He saw Farline as tainted by the games played on it and the interference of the gods. He decided to cancel the games by consuming Farline and the gods and absorbing their power.

This conflict of interest between Nozlordu and the other Gods was resolved in The Sealing.

Demonic Pact

Nozlordu was said to be an ancient and infinitely powerful warlock. Using powerful pact magic, Nozlordu bound outsiders, abyssals and devilish creatures to his will and used them to fight his battles on Farline, gaining the ire of many of his peers. Nozlordu’s horde comprised largely of mercenary demons and fiends. He corrupted the gates created by Zauberiah in order to facilitate the transmission of mass hordes of these beings into Farline.

Cults who worship Nozlordu take time to also worship his many lieutenants, who were the true power behind the evil that was Nozlordu. One such lieutenant was the mortal Rasper.


Nozlordu is worshiped by those who believe that the world needs purifying by destruction and a return to a state of nothingness. One organization that follows Nozlordu is the Cult of the Laughing Skull. It can be argued that Nozlordu and his followers are not “evil” because they merely desire to end what could be called a cruel game started by the other deities. If one thing is clear about this shadowy persona it is that he despises all life on Farline and thinks the only way to halt the unfair game of the gods once and for all is the complete annihilation of Farline.

Nozlordu is portrayed as a shadowy figure cloaked in darkness. His face is featureless minus a dark shadowy vortex that appears when he speaks. He is almost always the villain in the old stories, especially within The Book Of Peros due to its extreme bias in favor of Nozlordu’s nemesis the solar god. In Nozlordu Of The Void Nozlordu is depicted as a savior deity wishing to bring Farline back to its truest form, nothingness. The tome paints Nozlordu as a misunderstood deity that only desired fair conduct and goodness between him and his fellow God’s in their games. Regardless of which account one reads Nozlordu is described as a crafty schemer and shadowy plotter, among other things.


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