_"In life I serve the Lady. In death I serve the Lady! It never ends!" _
~ Frostbone Cultist

Goddess of death and ice. Nylfaham was notoriously viewed as an evil goddess and a consort of Nozlordu. A powerful lich queen or necromancer, Nylfaham created the Dead Wastes and the Frozen north lands. Populating her domain with undead and fellow liches, Nylfaham waged war with her legions of corpses. Animating her opponents, Nylfaham never ran out of soldiers, and supported by her cadre of powerful lich lords, she had nothing to fear. A sworn enemy of Peros who was forced to erect the Grand Wall of Peros in Elitay to prevent her armies from overruning the capital of Elitay. Nylfaham was also behind the Black Plague in the Titan’s Run that eventually drove Mephistis from Farline.

Supposedly Nylfaham is the last remaining demigod on Farline, still residing in her massive floating island fortress far above the Dead Wastes. Having ripped the island from the very sea, she is said to observe and give orders to her evergrowing army of undead.


Worshiped by evil especially death heads and necromancers. Nylfaham’s death cults can be found throughout Farline just as easily as Nozlordu’s. Many times the two cult groups will get together and have brainstorming sessions or just play some bonding party games, that usually end very badly. Don’t drink the punch in other words.


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