Of Lost Knowledge and Lore

“It’s spinning words and pictures befuddle the mind and leave some in a state of shock.”
~ Archmage Zordlon

Of Lost Knowledge and Lore is a tome created by powerful practitioners of divination. The book uses scrying magic to generate a coherent summary of available information on a given subject requested by its owner. Between requests for information on a topic the book’s contents are a mass jumble of words and pictures that are continually flowing and shifting. Upon querying the title the various pictures and words arrange themselves into a coherent order that is utilizable by those that read it.

In Game Mechanics

As a standard action a Of Lost Knowledge and Lore can be queried, granting a +5 situational bonus to one of three areas of knowledge it has been tied to. The tome can be used in this fashion 3 times a day after which further queries have no effect.

Of Lost Knowledge and Lore

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