Following are a list of the Gods of Farline and their related religions. Their domains are listed afterward. Domains in parentheses are sub domain options from the Advanced Pathfinder Rulebook.

The Pantheon

The Demigods who took Farline and brought it to life

  • Solarus – The Radiant Sun
    Domains: Sun(Day/Light), Good(Angel,Archon), Nobility(Leadership), Glory(Honor, Heroism)
  • Nozlordu – The All-Consuming Void
    Domains: Darkness(Night/Loss), Evil, Death
  • Zauberiah – Defier of Rules
    Domains: Magic(Arcane), Rune, Knowledge(Memory)
  • Mjolnir – Patron of Fire and Steel
    Domains: Fire, Artifice(Construct), Strength(Resolve)
  • Caelux – The Granite Gaze
    Domains: Earth(Caves), Protection
  • Bolsteris – The Living Storm
    Domains: Weather(Storms), Water(Oceans), Travel(Trade/Exploration)

Circle of Heresy

Dark forces of evil that plot to conquer Farline. Worship of these deities is considered illegal by most societies.

  • Rasper – Everflowing Dark Miasma
    Domains: Madness(Insanity/Nightmare), Chaos(Demon), Plant(Decay)
  • Akkehel – The Bloodied One
    Domains: Evil(Devil), War(Blood), Strength
  • Nylfaham – Guide to the Other Side
    Domains: Death(Undeath), Evil, Water(Ice)
  • Gredix – The Bringer of Slaughter
    Domains: War, Destruction(Rage), Strength(Ferocity)
  • Fey Queen – The Mad Monarch
    Domains: Trickery, Magic, Charm, Chaos


Deities specific to a region/class/race

  • Malif – Enlightened Prophet
    Domains: Law, Protection(Defense), Knowledge(Thought)
  • Larethion – Mother to the Woods
    Domains: Plant(Growth), Animal(Fur)
  • Savellis – The Saintly Healer
    Domains: Healing(Restoration/Resurrection), Protection(Purity), Nobility
  • Cliff Edge – Rising Star
    Domains: Charm, Liberation(Revolution/Freedom)
  • Ekksen – Master of Horses
    Domains: Animal, Travel(Exploration), Strength
  • Raven – He Who Cheated Death
    Domains: Liberation(Freedom), Luck(Curse/Fate), Deception(Thievery/Trickery), Repose(Souls)
  • Jaglim – Father Ooze
    Domains: Community(Family), Charm
  • Maely – Broker of Favors
    Domains: Travel(Trade), Charm, Law(Devil)


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