“Solidarity in Steel” ~ Rondorian saying

Rondo is a country in the Gateways. Famous for its sprawling bountiful farmland, its thoroughbred horses and redheaded hearty people. Rondo’s geography is even more beautiful when compared to its immediate neighbors the deserts of Rajmesa and the burnt volcanic land of Draksylvania.

Rondo is always in conflict with its eastern neighbor Draksylvania. The country has a long history of military conflict and is respected in the Gateways for being a strong military power. Beyond that, the Kingdom of Rondo has a feudalistic government and a monarchy as the ruling class, established by King Rondo the First in the wake of The Burning. Its economy is supported by its successful farmlands and trade with its neighbors.

Since Draksylvania invaded in A.S. 842 Rondo has found itself in difficult conditions; Subjugated by Draksylvania, the line of King Rondo destroyed, the nobility driven into hiding, peasants conscripted into labor camps. Even after the Second Burning in A.S. 844 when it was revealed that remnant rebel dragons from the first Burning and the Cult of Rasper had worked to conquer Rondo, Rondo remained a vassal state of Draksylvania. Ruled by a governor appointed by the Draksylvanian king and its military power neutered Rondo spends its time practically a slave colony to Draksylvania.

But the Rondorian people never give in easily. Many Rondorian noblemen and officers of the army fled to other countries to gather forces and allies to return to their homeland and liberate it from the Draksylvanian oppression. All in good time.

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