“May the sun bless you always”
~ Saying Attributed to Solurus the Solar Being

Solarus is the polar opposite of Nozlordu. Nozlordu and Solarus were the two gods who dominated the Pantheon during the Divine War. Eventually all the gods chose sides with either Nozlordu or Solarus.

Solarus embodied the very sun itself in his sense of justice, valor and good. In the beginning Solarus started the war games to appease the gods’ love for meddling in the lives of mortals. His champions counted devout clerics and paladins, kings and lords of the finest quality. When Nozlordu began summoning abyssal demons to join his horde, Solarus called upon angelic beings and citizens of the Sunline to aid the mortals. At the end of days when Solarus and Nozlordu clashed, Solarus created an avatar of himself on earth bestowing godly power to a single mortal known as The Crusader. With his aid Solarus was able to seal away Nozlordu and his hellish minions behind the gates they had come from in an event called The Sealing.


Solarus is worshipped by the good people of the world. His followers are devout, god-fearing and holy. Unified by their love of Solarus, the Church of Solarus conducts crusades and holy missions on a regular basis and preaches the beautiful world of Solarus. Solarus embodies all that is good in the world and is the “good” god of Farline.

Depictions Of Solarus

Solarus is depicted as a shining knight in golden armor. His armor is usually decorated with wings and adornments that give him an angelic and celestial appearance. Solarus is almost always portrayed as a hero in the stories he is referenced in though sometimes the stories depict him as a hot-headed and self-absorbed warrior. In Nozlordu Of The Void Solarus is depicted as an unjust and self-righteous deity that started the war games of Farline out of his own vanity and need to feel powerful. This retelling of events is not popularly accepted, although many cults across Farline believe it to be the true expression of Solarus’s character.


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