The Art of Romancering

“I have heard many a man complain of how after coupling with their interest of the eve they are stuck with the woman latching about them, making it impossible for them to get to work when the morning sun rises. The lot that complain are young fools, for as time passes and age sets upon a man he realizes just how much he wishes to linger in the chambers of his love.”
~Jessin Artwert ( The Book of Romancering – 5.0 : Elven)

The Book of Romancering is a well known text penned within the turmoil of Rajmesa’s political environment. It has been translated into twenty-one different languages, excluding one designed for the blind. The text is filled with various proverbs and writings by love-struck poets of the region. It is said to be the foremost authority on the arts of love and seduction, though it is scrutinized in circles of scholars and commoners alike for its sappy contents and overall lack of “substance”.

The book has been published in numerous editions, some pandering to the critics and giving them more “substance”. In the most recent version of the book written in common there are actual diagrams of ideal positions for the act of what shall be described as “love making”. The common edition even omits some passages and modifies others so as to better suit what some of the staff call more “plain” readers.

“The bleak future passes, the wind screams, but in the warm arms of a whore all can find peace.”
~ Aletar Ros (The Book of Romancering -3.0 : Common)

The Art of Romancering

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